The Ultimate Dining Guide to Scottsdale

Scottsdale is known for being the West’s Most Western Town, for its art galleries and Arabian Horse Shows, and possibly something you may not have known, for being a very taste-full town, filled with acclaimed restaurants that will be an exciting part of your vacation experience. Offering a taste of this and a taste of that, visitors can expect to find authentic Mexican food, welcoming family friendly restaurants, and meals...

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Top Food Trucks to Try in Scottsdale

CRNE Tacos Fuego CRNE is a super-popular Tex Mex joint in Payson that serves ‘los tacos mas fire’, featuring spicy sauces, tantalizing flavors, fresh food, and local veggies. This cool food truck is known for their savory meat dishes, enchiladas with ample onions and spices, warm soups, tons of sauce, and burritos that are the size of your head. We love the Payson burrito huevos for a brunch treat after...

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