Although many tourists want to flock to Phoenix to get a city break or head to a coastal area to check out a beach, Scottsdale often has the best of both. Not only can you head to Scottsdale to enjoy the shopping, restaurants, and bars in a busy city, but you can head to one of the natural areas, like parks, mountains, and lakes, to really soak in the weather and the wildlife.

Let’s see some of the best things to do during your upcoming Scottsdale spring break trip in this beautiful and upbeat area. It doesn’t matter what time of year you come to Scottsdale — you will always be able to find outdoor spring break activities, cultural attractions, yearly events, and indoor shops that will suit your unique needs and wants.

Marvel at Taliesin West

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most famous architects that ever existed. Check out some of his incredible work by heading to Taliesin West and seeing the eye-catching external architecture, clean lines, interesting shapes, and cool use of stone and wood in the house. We love coming here during a rare rainy day in Scottsdale to learn about the cultural history of Scottsdale, take photos of the nearby McDowell Mountains, and snap a few pics of the studio, workshop, and house.

Take a Day Trip to MacDonald’s Ranch

If you are in the mood to go outside of the city and take a few hours to yourself and your family, the best place to really relax and chill out with your loved ones is MacDonald’s Ranch. We love coming here, especially if you have young kids because you can take your kids to a petting zoo, hang out in the playground, and enjoy the other outdoor attractions, like petting the lovely horses and feeding the domestic sheep.

Become a Cowboy at the Arizona Cowboy College

The Arizona Cowboy College at North 152nd Street is one of the best places for locals and tourists alike to learn about the culture of the workers and cowboys in the Arizona pastime. Not only does this incredible college offer hands-on programs and interactive workshops that can provide visitors with more information about this historical group of American cowboys, but you can view replicas, life-sized sculptures, and gifts.

See Scottsdale City with Firebird Balloons

Take a hot air balloon ride with Firebird balloons to see the incredible town of Scottsdale From a birds-eye point of view with your loved ones. You will be able to see the buildings down below, the green pastures, and the incredible nature, such as the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Go for a Hike And Other Spring Break Activities

There are endless trailheads and starting points to go hiking in Scottsdale, Arizona. Not only can you start from your very own house, but you can head to one of the numerous parks or trailheads to start a lung-busting peak hike or an easy saunter with your kids. We recommend heading to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve to go for a nice bike ride with your family, take a sweaty mountain hike with your loved ones, or test your luck at fishing for a few salons for dinner.

You can also go to Camelback Mountain if you want to climb the infamous Echo Canyon Trail, a steep and challenging hike that offers pristine views of the granite mountain slabs, picturesque red rocks, and town down below. If you want to test your luck and go for another heart-bursting hike, then head to Pinnacle Peak in between Phoenix and Scottsdale to take in some of the best birds-eye views in the entire state! Although this trail is just under 2 miles, this is the best way for hikers to enjoy a few hours of nature without spending an entire day on the mountain.

Lastly, we love going to Tom’s Thumb Trail during our vacations in Scottsdale. This beautiful path in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is a steep and switchback-filled path that offers amazing views of Phoenix and the McDowell Mountains for you and your group. We think this is the best day trip out of the city!

Doesn’t this sound like the best idea for you and your group? I think so too! Head to Scottsdale today to enjoy tons of indoor activities, cultural attractions, and outdoor areas that are sure to make you want to come back year after year.

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Check out I Love Scottsdale to find luxurious, modern, and spacious homes that can fit your unique needs. Whether you and your 10 best friends are looking to head to Scottsdale for a rowdy spring break, or you and your young kids are going to Scottsdale for a relaxing and family-oriented April vacation, there are dozens of fun activities and events to go to during this less-busy part of the year.

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