CRNE Tacos Fuego

CRNE is a super-popular Tex Mex joint in Payson that serves ‘los tacos mas fire’, featuring spicy sauces, tantalizing flavors, fresh food, and local veggies. This cool food truck is known for their savory meat dishes, enchiladas with ample onions and spices, warm soups, tons of sauce, and burritos that are the size of your head.

We love the Payson burrito huevos for a brunch treat after having one too many beers the night before. This egg-filled dish offers homemade chorizo, papas bravas, queso, crema, tocino, and a flaky crust. Head to this busy Scottsdale food truck any weekend morning to enjoy this hefty burrito to start your day and help soak up a few IPAs from a bar crawl in Scottsdale the previous evening.

Other great dishes that we love for sitting outside on a hot summer day are mouthwatering fish tacos with fresh cilantro, salsa, onion, and corn. Or, you can have one of the meat dishes with fresh-cut sirloin steak, tri-tip tacos, or tenderloin. The carne asada tacos are just $2 each and will help curb any craving you may have.

Lastly, the tres de pollo tacos, with your choice of spicy level, are a great choice for a hot summer day. You can choose between plain, street, or fire spices, so make sure you have something to wash down the spice with afterward.


Tasty food doesn’t have to be expensive. Pinwheel is a food truck that churns out savory treats and mouthwatering desserts that are perfect after a meal. This mobile food truck specializes in bite-sized Pinwheel bread and pastry options so you can curb your cravings for a dough-like bread with a sweet sauce, or a dessert item, in just a few bites.

The Aioli Gourmet Burgers Scottsdale Food Truck

Aioli is one of the most well-known gourmet burger restaurants in the entire state. With stand-alone stores and a mobile food truck, Aioli Burgers has taken Arizona by storm. This well-known business started with just one food truck in Phoenix and has since become a full catering company with two shops in easy to get to spots. And don’t just take our word for it — Aioli Burger has recently topped lists of the best burgers you must try in the state.

There is an extensive menu here that works for vegetarians, gluten-free eateries, and meat lovers. The menu ranges from the typical gourmet burger to more unique items, like the white truffle Swiss burger or Italiano burger with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Or veg-heads can enjoy the falafel burger with buttery bread and tons of toppings.

Make sure you pair one of the burger choices with a savory side, like signature loaded fries with ample cheese on top, golden fries with crispy edges, sweet potato fries with your choice of dipping, or roasted farm vegetables for health-conscious eaters. Lastly, pair the burger and chips with a sweet drink to wash it all down, like the strawberry shake or root beer float.

Randizzle’s Food Truck

Randizzle’s Food Truck is a well-known food truck and burger joint that churns out gourmet burgers, tacos, and shareable sides. Randizzle was founded in 2019 and has since turned into one of the most well-known takeout spots in the state, featuring specialty burgers, Tex-Mex tacos, and gourmet comfort food.

First-time visitors of this food truck will love the double-stacked burgers, like bacon burgers with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, and bacon. If you want something more unique on your next vacation, the Hatch Burger with jalapeno, pepper jack spicy cheese, hatch green chiles, bacon, grilled onion, and Randizzle sauce is a consistent crowd-pleaser.

Personally, we love the King Kong burger with your choice of two or three patties, pretzel bun, cheese, bacon, pickles, and Billionaire sauce. For those who want something a bit sweet with their savory burger, the PB and J burger with bacon, pretzel bun, grape jelly, peanut butter, cheese, and onion rings is surprisingly good. You can even add your choice of patty, bacon, ham, avocado, egg, or mushroom to any burger for a bit extra.

Dilla Libre Dos

Lastly, this food truck and brick-and-mortar store is a funky option for those who want large quesadillas with various toppings, street tacos, fruit juices, and a cool atmosphere. We recommend trying one of the gourmet quesadillas during your first visit, like the California dilla with grilled carne asada, french fries, pico de gallo, guacamole, and black beans.

If you want something more Mexican-influenced, the Chupacabra with citrus marinated chicken, diced green chiles, and chile con queso is a popular dish. We also love the ‘All Thai’d Up’ burger with citrus marinated chicken breast, serrano chiles, grilled onions, sweet Thai chili sauce, and sesame seeds.

Are you in the mood for an Asian fusion dish? The Bahn Migo with slow-cooked pulled pork, cucumbers, serrano chiles, maggi aioli, mint, and Thai basil will make you feel like you are right in the heart of Vietnam or Cambodia.

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