Are you trying to find the perfect place for you and your friends to spend this upcoming spooky season? Instead of just staying at home and walking around the same neighborhoods, visiting the same bars, or sipping on the same cocktails, why not switch it up? If this sounds like what you are interested in, boy, do we have a great idea in mind!

We love going to a warm and relaxing start to spend our time this upcoming fall season. Forget the early snowfall and head to a sunny state that offers tons of outdoor activities, breweries, events, annual get-togethers, and shops that will keep you busy during the entirety of your stay.

Can’t guess where we are talking about? Well, of course, nowhere else other than the sunny and warm state of Arizona! Arizona is home to red rock deserts, high peaks with snow-covered mountain tops, lush green forests, and bright blue lakes. Head to the outdoor haven of Scottsdale, AZ, to have an unforgettable time away from home.

Scottsdale Halloween Spook-Track-Ula

Head to the Paradise and Pacific Railroad to attend Spook-Track-ula for a fun-filled and adrenaline-pumping event for you and your pals! This haunted park features a plethora of amusement that is suitable for adults and kids alike. The McCormick Stillman Railroad Park truly comes alive tonight for you, your family, your children, and your pals to have an exciting evening that is filled with scary things to do, thrills, rides, events, and games.

Spooky Safari

Looking for another fun Scottsdale Halloween event that is a must-attend? Well, we think that Spooky Safari near downtown Scottsdale should definitely be on your top list of things to do in your itinerary! Spooky Safari in Phoenix Zoo is a 3-day event that is good for young kids, adults, and friends who want to dress their best and meet other like-minded people. Go trick or treating through the haunted grounds with light-up trees, other people in costumes, live music, and scary vibes. Collect treats as you wander around the beautiful zoo, and keep an eye out for anything creepy or crawly in the bushes or trees!

Spooktacular Balloon Festival

There is nowhere better for a photo opportunity than the Spooktacular Balloon Festival at Salt River Fields! Every single balloon is lit up to the brightest it can be and is distributed over an entire course for you to ogle at and take pictures of, which will last an entire lifetime. Plus, it isn’t just balloons lit up in the bright sky! This fun annual event also features a Kid Zone that is great for your children to play games, jump on bounce houses, and take tethered balloon rides high above Scottsdale.

Fright Night

If you are coming to Scottsdale with older kids or teenagers, there is nowhere better than Fright Night! Head to the ‘Evil Circus’ at Canyon Railroad to see scary monsters, intense nightmares, crime scenes, wedding events, crazy clowns, intense beasts, and wild animals that are sure to get your adrenaline going. You can also take part in fun activities and crafts, such as pumpkin carving, painting, trick-or-treat walking, and snack eating.

Pick Some of Your Favorite Pumpkins

Head to one of the dozens of pumpkin patches in Scottsdale and the surrounding area to choose your favorite orange pumpkin for a jack-o-lantern carving! Walk around the maze and chill out on the hay bales as you sip on some mulled wine, eat culinary goods, and pet farm animals at local petting zoos.

Outdoor Activities in Scottsdale, AZ

There are dozens of outdoor activities that you can take part in when you visit Scottsdale, AZ, that are great at all times of year. But, especially if you head to Scottsdale in the fall season, you can take full advantage of the changing of the leaves, the slight breeze, the long sunny days, and the cool temperatures. Talk about the ideal time to go to Scottsdale!

One of the best outdoor activities for you to do during your stay here is to go hiking on the snow-capped mountain peaks, lush green forests, and nature trails. Head out on the Camelback Mountain that you can see from downtown Scottsdale to get great views of the city and see if you can get to the top of this challenging path. We recommend taking the less-crowded Cholla Trail to make your way up the rock terrain and see the entire ridgeline!

If you want another picturesque hike, Pinnacle Peak is a MUST visit! Head here early in the morning to avoid crowds and soak in amazing views from the very top. Pinnacle Peak is perfect for viewing wildlife, flora, and fauna during your Arizona getaway.

As you can see, Halloween is THE perfect time for you to visit Scottsdale! Book your home today to get started planning your unforgettable holiday.

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