Our hometown of Scottsdale is well-known throughout the world, providing a summer experience for travelers while also offering up world-class cuisine, a peek into the golden days of the Wild, Wild West, and being known as a shopping haven for everyone who finds their joy at the other end of a credit card. Today, we at I Love Scottsdale want to take a few moments from your day to discuss the benefits of retail therapy during your stay in “the West’s Most Western Town,” taking you on a tour of shops, stores, and boutiques that are destined to become your newest obsession. And when your credit card is wincing, your arms are aching from the weight of your packages, you will soon discover that coming home to our vacation sanctuaries is guaranteed to be the best way to rest, recuperate, and recharge for the next day’s shopping adventures.

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The Mall of Your Dreams

There once was a time when a visit to the mall made everything better, but with the advent of the internet, the world has turned to online stores to get in their shopping fixes, leaving the malls slowly dying, one by one. In Scottsdale, however, the online trend hasn’t affected the mall situation all that much, and the malls listed below are all perfect examples.

Kierland Commons, 15205 N Kierland Boulevard

There’s always something going on at Kierland Commons, an outdoor mall that feels like a small-town community. Offering special events that include holiday celebrations (pictures with Santa, Easter egg hunts with the Easter Bunny) and fine art and wine festivals, the restaurants attached to the mall will bring you joy. It’s the stores we want to discuss today, the places that welcome you with stylish clothing, creative art masterpieces, and every variety of merchandise that you can imagine. Offering 74+ stores that include your favorite places such as Crate & Barrel, Chanel, and Anthropologie, Kierland Commons springs from the desert landscape like a phoenix rising.

Scottsdale Quarter, 15279 N Scottsdale Road

A relative newcomer to the mall landscape, Scottsdale Quarter is another open-air mall that proves how important malls are to our souls. Established just 10 years ago, this is where we take our tiny toddlers to play on a hot summer’s day, as their splash pad never ceases to amaze. Offering a tech-infused mini golf experience at Puttshack, a movie theater playing all the latest releases, and some of the Valley’s most delicious restaurants, the Quarter is a popular date-night spot as well as a haven to shopping fashionistas who can’t live another day without exploring its fashion landscape. This is also the mall our teens frequent, offering shops they love, including Free People, Van’s, and Sephora.

Scottsdale Fashion Square, 7014 E Camelback Road

As malls all over the nation have slowly shut their doors, Scottsdale Fashion Square has thrived, offering new ways to shop for luxury items as well as making other towns scratch their heads in wonder. THIS is where the other half shops, featuring over two million square feet of shopping, dining, and entertainment space and offering more than 225 retailers. Learn your shopping ABCs by shopping at stores such as Armani, Burberry, and Cartier, and discover just how long it will take to cover the entire alphabet of shops and boutiques found here. (Probably more time than you have, but you will enjoy the effort, we promise!) Also featuring haute cuisine restaurants—Ocean 44 for seafood, Francine for French cuisine, and Tocaya Modern Mexican for an authentic taste of the town—Scottsdale Fashion Square will be the mall you only dreamed could exist.

Old Town Is Where It’s At

The malls aren’t the only place to shop in Scottsdale, not by a long shot, and for those of you who have chosen our I Love Scottsdale Old Town escapes for your vacation abodes, the shops listed below could very well be within walking distance. There are a lot of shops in this area—Old Town is home to over 320 retail shops and 84 galleries, after all! We will start with the shops that are close to most traveler’s hearts, the top souvenir stores in the area.

Chantelle Southwest Gifts, 7223 E Main Street

Offering a southwestern slant to your typical souvenirs, Chantelle Southwest Gifts is a colorful shop filled with fun things you won’t be able to resist. Shoppers can even purchase a cactus to take home with them, serving as a reminder of the fantastic times they had during their desert vacation.

The Purple Saguaro, 7121 E 5th Avenue

The gifts and souvenirs found in the Purple Saguaro are different than the stereotypical magnets and shot glasses travelers often purchase (you can get either of those at the shops in Sky Harbor International Airport) and can be wonderful gifts for those you left behind watering your plants, feeding your dogs, or gathering your mail. Many of the wares in this charming shop are art pieces created by local artists and will be a beautiful addition to your midwestern home.

Old Town Candy & Toys, 4000 N Scottsdale Road Suite 101-102

This next shop is definitely unique, one that we aren’t quite sure fits into the souvenir category, but we are placing it here anyway. Offering a trip back in time with its old school candies, toys, books, and games, they do offer a small souvenir section stocked with the standard shot glasses, magnets, and a variety of Arizona-themed items, we can assure you that the entire family will have a great time shopping here.

Southwestern Reflections, 7221 E 1st Avenue

Family owned and offering a stunning selection of Southwestern-themed gifts, Southwestern Reflections is known for their exquisite and one-of-a-kind gifts that will bring joy to whoever receives them. The family that runs this charming shop has been doing so for two generations, providing a much-loved continuity in the community.

The Boutiques You Will Love

Although everyone loves shopping, the fashion maven in your life will be thrilled to visit these charming boutiques, bringing back armloads full of the latest fashions. Scottsdale is known for its sense of style, and the shops listed below will never disappoint.

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Carmen on 5th, 7126 E 5th Avenue A

Scottsdale is famous for a lot of things, but it is generally not known as a discount town, which makes the low prices at Carmen on 5th a fantastic anomaly—but even better, the clothing inside is stylish as well. Also offering a selection of gifts, accessories, and décor items, this special shop should be placed at the top of your list.

FOMO-AZ, 7094 E 5th Avenue

Everyone suffers from a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out), but you won’t be missing a thing when you visit FOMO on 5th Avenue in Old Town. Offering an intimate collection of women’s wear, the clothing offered here could grace the pages of the latest fashion magazines and includes colorful baby doll dresses, rompers, and silky gowns that look even better worn than they do on the hanger.

Garage Boutique & Concept Store, 7144 E Stetson Drive #110

All the best dressed kids of Scottsdale start their shopping experiences with a visit to Garage Boutique & Concept Store, featuring high style clothing from the most prestigious design houses. Also offering clothing for young adult women as well, this store is a must-visit; just be sure you have room in your luggage, because once you see all they have to offer, you will NEED to add the clothing to your collection.

Old Town Gypsy, 3950 N Brown Avenue

Selling handmade designer clothing, home décor, and a selection of gifts that anyone would be thrilled to receive, Old Town Gypsy offers a funky flair that will speak loudly to the deeply buried gypsy in your soul. The shop is cozy, but is filled to the brim with lovely items, ensuring that you will need to take more than a few minutes examining all they sell.

All That Glitters

The best souvenirs are the ones that are shiny and glittery, and the jewelry stores of Scottsdale offer a peek into how the other half lives. Our silver stores are an authentic reflection of our southwestern region and are plentiful in the Old Town area, but there are also shops selling precious and semi-precious gems as well as gold jewelry, and your jewelry box will appreciate the boost of ice you provide it.

Silver Star Jewelry, 7257 E 1st Avenue

Since the Native Americans who were the original settlers of the Southwest were first introduced to the beauty and style of silver in the 1600s, they have taken the art as their own, raising the creation of silver jewelry to new levels of wonderful, and Silver Star Jewelry offers an excellent representation of the art. Specializing in Native American and Southwestern pieces, this is a great spot to purchase turquoise, they also sell fashion jewelry, local art, and a variety of other jewelry pieces.

J. Eriksson Jewelers, 7041 E 1st Avenue

For over 50 years, J. Eriksson has been the place to visit when seeking unique jewelry, and if you are thinking of using your upcoming Arizona vacation to ask the biggest question of your life, this shop would be the perfect spot to purchase the accompanying piece of jewelry. Designing jewelry for over 50 years in Old Town Scottsdale, everything they sell is made on the premises.

Native Traditions, 7233 E Main Street B

The last of our Old Town jewelry shops, Native Traditions, specializes in the art of silver and turquoise, offering a distinctly Arizonan vibe that will serve as beautiful souvenirs of your Southwest adventures. Also selling a selection of locally created art, Native Traditions provides the perfect transition into our next selection of shops in Old Town.

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The Art of Arizona

You may have noticed some of the art that decorates the walls and shelves of your I Love Scottsdale sanctuary, perhaps falling in love with some of the more colorful pieces. We can’t offer any of that art for sale, but we can direct you to the local galleries where we and our owners have done a large majority of our shopping. The shops below are some of our favorites, but if you happen to be wandering along the sidewalks of Old Town Scottsdale and see a gallery that isn’t on our list but captures your eye, please be sure to go in. The artists of Arizona are all a talented bunch, and you may find the perfect masterpiece for your home.

Cowboy Legacy Gallery, 7077 E Main Street #10

Offering the largest selection of cowboy art and artifacts, it only seems appropriate that you purchase cowboy art in the “West’s Most Western Town.”. Their emphasis is on Western landscapes, but they also offer Western saddles, pottery, and bronze statues.

Esses Rare Objects d’ Art, 7169 E Main Street #4315

Specializing in 19th century fine arts and antiques, we at I Love Scottsdale can spend hours in the and never have the same experience twice. Esses Rare Objects d’ Art is always on the hunt for new—er, old—pieces to line their shelves, and your visit will never fail to fascinate.

King Galleries, 7077 E Main Street #17-20

The Native American art sold at King Galleries comes from all over the Southwest, as they offer another gallery located in the heart of Santa Fe. They sell classic pieces that may include wedding vases, paintings, and sculpture pieces that will add color to your life.

The Comfort of Home

After a day spent exploring the shops of Scottsdale, coming home to the comforts of our I Love Scottsdale vacation sanctuaries will be a welcome relief to your tired feet and aching arms. Kick off your shoes and sink into the depths of our plush sofas, soothe your tired muscles by soaking in hot tubs on the deck, and sleep deep in our cloud soft beds, waking every morning ready for a new day of shopping adventures. Reserve your favorite property with us today!

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Did you know that Scottsdale has about 330 days of sunshine every year? Our sunny weather is one of many reasons you may have had for choosing a Scottsdale vacation. When you visit, chances are you will be wanting to be outside as much as possible, especially if your own hometown is known for gray skies, cold weather, and lots of rain. When you choose our Scottsdale sanctuaries to stay in during your Arizona trip of a lifetime, this guide to outdoor adventures will help you fill all the moments with fun, sun, and excitement!

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Seasons of the Sun

There are more outdoor adventures our guests can enjoy than we probably have time to write about, and if we just started listing them all, chances are, some would get lost in the crowd. Additionally, although we are famous for sunshine, we are also famous for scorching hot summers, and we would hate to mislead you; some adventures just aren’t safe to participate in when the mercury reaches triple digits. With that being said, this guide to all the fun you can have under the sun (your outdoor adventures) will be divided into seasons, and although it would seem logical to start with the first season of the year, we are going to start during the time of year when indoor activities are best, the summer months.

Summer Is for Air Conditioning

Summer generally starts in May in Arizona, with the first 100-degree days occurring somewhere around the 11th, so if you are planning a Memorial Day getaway to the desert, pack your sunscreen, and remember, it’s a dry heat! Fortunately, even as the mercury is climbing, May is still pretty awesome, and if you rent one of our I Love Scottsdale vacation rentals with a pool, you will do absolutely fine. Here are some ideas on how to fill your summer months in Scottsdale.

Arizona Balloon Safaris, (480) 502-7640

The beauty of Scottsdale will be appreciated even more when enjoyed from the basket of a hot air balloon, and our May visitors will be able to experience a Sunrise Balloon Tour on any day. Hot air ballooning is best in the warmer months, and tours can be taken on weekends in July and August. These tours are also the perfect time to ask any burning questions that may be in your mind—you know, the kind that are usually accompanied by a piece of shiny jewelry?

McDonald’s Ranch Horseback Rides, 26540 N Scottsdale Road

As you visit the “West’s Most Western Town,” it only seems appropriate that you participate in an authentic cowboy experience, that of a horseback trail ride. This is actually a year-round adventure, but in the summer months, the trail rides will only take place at sunrise or sunset. Early rising is a must for playing outdoors in the hottest months of summer, but when you are ambling through the Sonoran Desert astride a gentle steed, we don’t think you will mind the early hours.

Watch the Diamondbacks Play from Chase Field, 401 E Jefferson Street in Phoenix

Ok, this next adventure is technically a PHOENIX outdoor adventure, but the ballpark is only 12.5 miles from Old Town Scottsdale, and the stadium features a retractable dome roof while also offering air conditioning. Could there be any finer way to celebrate the season than by watching the boys of summer play their hearts out? We don’t think so!

Family Barbecue, Poolside in Your I Love Scottsdale Vacation Sanctuary

We did mention the importance of a pool as the temperatures rise, and even as you may be adding heat to the fire while grilling your favorite meats, being able to jump into the crystal-clear waters of a pool will help keep your core temperature down to a manageable and enjoyable level!

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Fall Starts Late in the Desert

Sometimes it can be frustrating for our hometown desert dwellers to be watching commercials for sweaters and bonfires and then we walk outside to temps that are still in the triple digits, but our visitors from colder climates heartily approve of the extended summer vibe! What little humidity that has hung around during monsoon season, however, will have drifted away, and when the sun sets, the evenings truly begin to feel wonderful, and these outdoor adventures are designed to make the most out of the shorter and cooler days of fall.

Chaparral Park, 5401 Hayden Road

Chaparral Park consumes some 100 acres of desert landscape and includes a 10-acre lake that is stocked with fish twice a month, ensuring your fishing adventures will be successful ones. Stocked with trout from October through March and catfish from April to July and September and October, there is no better way to celebrate the sun and a dream Arizona vacation than by spending a few precious hours pitting your wits against hungry fish. There are limits to what you can bring home, and fishing licenses must be obtained for anglers 10 and up, but we can promise that a good time will still be had. Also offering a dog park, if you have chosen one of our pet friendly rentals, the park is a great place to help your sweet fur baby release any excess energy.

Troon North Golf Club, 10320 E Dynamite Boulevard

As the season progresses, dreams of long days spent on the green grass of any of our Scottsdale courses will come true. Troon North, of course, offers the penultimate in golf adventures, and as you zip around the immaculately groomed landscape, the Sonoran Desert will offer a ruggedly beautiful backdrop to your favorite sport. With two courses to choose from, Monument and Pinnacle, the only thing better than spending the day chasing that dimpled white ball around will be bragging about the hole in one you scored at the Dynamite Grill at the end of play. Just be warned, tradition has it that whoever hits a hole in one has to buy drinks for everyone, so maybe it won’t be a bad thing to not play so well!

Saguaro Lake Marina, 14011 N Bush Highway

As summer extends into fall, boating on Saguaro Lake can be one of the activities that brings you the most joy during your fall getaway in Scottsdale. Technically, this lake resides within the city limits of Mesa, but the road trip takes visitors through some of the area’s most beautiful landscapes, and although there are more than a few boat rental places in the area, you will probably appreciate not having to maneuver a trailer and boat around hairpin curves in the mountainous terrain that leads to the lake. The Marina offers rentals year-round and is open 7 days a week from 8:30 AM until 4 PM. Spend your day fishing, waterskiing, or just relaxing in the serenity that accompanies all large bodies of water and when you are hungry, dock your boat in front of Shiprock Restaurant, enjoying stunning views with your burger and fries!

A Winter Wonderland

When you first experience Scottsdale in the winter, you will rethink the term winter wonderland altogether. With daylight temps ranging between 60 to 80 degrees, depending how late in the season you visit, you will want every adventure to be an outdoor one. Don’t be surprised if you happen to see that some of our deciduous trees are finally turning fall colors, even in the middle of winter, because just like fall, winter also arrives late. This next list of outdoor adventures are destined to be the ones you will wish never had to end.

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Time for a Hike

The sun is shining, and the temperatures are practically perfect, which means that it is time to hit the hiking trails. Whether you are exploring the trails of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve or are looking forward to conquering the challenging Camelback Mountain (You won’t have trouble recognizing which mountain is Camelback; it’s the one that looks like a camel resting under the desert sun!), there really is no better way to fall in love with the beauty of the Scottsdale landscape than with a nice long hike on a perfect winter day.

Topgolf Scottsdale, 9500 Talking Stick Way

Don’t have the time to spend the entire day on the courses of Scottsdale? Topgolf combines the fun of a sports bar with the thrill of hitting a golf bar and is a great date night option. (Date nights can be enjoyed on vacations too, you know!) Offering a full bar and restaurant, hanging out here will be a highlight of your Arizona adventures. And if it’s raining? Unless there is a major winter storm with lightning and high winds, you can safely play as badly needed rains soak the arid desert landscape. FYI, this high-tech golf game is addictive, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself returning more than once.

Phoenix Waste Management Open, TPC Scottsdale, 17020 Hayden Road

Not all adventures have to be ones in which you participate. Consider watching from the sidelines as your favorite golfers play for the win! The Phoenix Waste Management Open is a PGA event that takes place in Scottsdale every year, generally right around the Super Bowl, and as you follow the professionals through the most beautiful landscape in the state, be sure to spend some time at the 16th hole, perhaps the rowdiest hole in the entire PGA. This was where Tiger Woods made a hole in one back in 1997. The crowds went wild and have stayed wild even as nearly 25 years have passed since that fateful shot.

When It’s Springtime in Arizona

As we grow ever closer to the end of our Arizona outdoor adventures list, we have to tell you that spring is probably our favorite season of all. This is another perfect time to hike along the trails that are so popular in the winter months, checking out a desert that is full of color as the wildflowers bloom wildly. Even the cacti that we are famous for will bloom, with the saguaro’s bloom (our state flower) presenting a cheerful white contrast to the green structure, the barrel cactus offering a variety of colors, and the prickly pear also providing a variety of colors as well as a fruit that is used in margaritas, candies, and a variety of other sweet treats.

Desert Biking

Beautiful days and miles of trails make mountain biking a popular winter and spring sport, and since we doubt you have carried your own mountain bike in your luggage, a visit to REI Co-op Adventure Center Arizona will solve your problem, allowing you to rent a bike and the equipment you need to stay safe. Located at 17465 N 93rd Street, they also offer tours for those who are unsure about exploring bike trails alone. If you are venturing out into the desert by yourself, they can also provide maps to trails such as the Corral Loop at Brown’s Ranch and Granite Mountain from 136th Street Trail.

Cactus League Spring Training

Spring Training is a big deal in the Phoenix area, and the Cactus League is home to 15 Major League Baseball teams, playing in 10 different stadiums all over the valley. The Arizona Diamondbacks are our hometown heroes, but other major teams, including the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds, make the Valley of the Sun their springtime home.

All the Adventures Start and Finish with I Love Scottsdale

There aren’t enough words to describe all the things you can do during your Scottsdale getaway, no matter what season you are planning on being in Arizona. All the adventures you can enjoy, however, will start and finish in the most comfortable of ways when you choose I Love Scottsdale for your Arizona abode. Reserve your favorite sanctuary today!

Scottsdale is known for being the West’s Most Western Town, for its art galleries and Arabian Horse Shows, and possibly something you may not have known, for being a very taste-full town, filled with acclaimed restaurants that will be an exciting part of your vacation experience. Offering a taste of this and a taste of that, visitors can expect to find authentic Mexican food, welcoming family friendly restaurants, and meals that they will remember forever. And because I Love Scottsdale does not want to leave their guests hanging, we have created this comprehensive dining guide to Scottsdale featuring some of our favorite restaurants, the ones you will be excited to experience and sad to leave.

Scottsdale Vacation

Budget Friendly and Memorable

No matter how you look at it, vacations are expensive and although you can save some money by making use of the fully equipped kitchens in our vacation sanctuaries, more often than not you will want to explore the epicurean landscape of Scottsdale, dipping into the vacation budget every time you do. The good news is, however, there are some budget friendly options for dining in Scottsdale, options that won’t require any sacrifices when it comes to taste, and these wonderful establishments are listed below.

Randy’s Restaurant & Ice Cream, 7904 E Chaparral Road

In our own travels over the years, we have discovered that the best meals can often be found in the small dive restaurants—you know, the ones with the most crowded parking lots? Randy’s Restaurant & Ice Cream, open every day at 7 AM and closing at various hours, is one of those restaurants, offering hearty meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the same location on Chaparral Road for over 40 years. Family owned, most meals run in the 10 to 13 dollar range, but be warned. Randy’s Restaurant does not take credit or debit cards, so don’t forget your cash!

Ice Cream

Julio’s Too, 7305 E Camelback Road

Counter-serve does not mean the food is of less quality and the Mexican dishes served at Julio’s Too never fail to please. Offering an authentic taste of Mexico, its menu is an expansive one filled with the classic dishes you know and maybe a few new ones you have never heard of and with their low prices, it is easy to afford to try something new. Open every day from 11 AM until 9 PM, we can promise that even the pickiest eaters in your traveling group will find something they love, even if it is just a basic quesadilla or taco.

Karsen’s Grill, 7246 E 1st Street #101

Your stay in Old Town Scottsdale may appear to be bougie, but places like Karsen’s Grill will help keep you humble. Open every day at 11 AM, and featuring a menu filled with pub grub favorites, if your spouse is a sports fan grumbling about missing the big game you can bring him here and watch all the games on multiple televisions that hang on the walls and over the bar. To paraphrase the theme song for one of our favorite shows in the 80s, people want to eat in places that feel like friends, and as you sip ice cold beer, devour thick and juicy burgers, and cheer on your favorite team, you will feel as comfortable as you do sitting in your recliner back home!

Stepping Up Your Eating Game

Cheap eats can be excellent eats, just as moderately priced meals are probably the ones you will experience the most. It is time to drop by some of our middle of the road Scottsdale restaurants, ones offering delicious foods that may entice you to come back time and time again. Family friendly as well, parents can rest easy knowing they won’t be judged if their children act up a little, as children are want to do.

Butter’s Pancakes & Café, 8300 Hayden Road f104

Starting out your day on the right foot is easy when you begin your morning with breakfast at Butter’s Pancakes & Café. Offering multiple locations throughout Scottsdale and Phoenix, today we are going to concentrate on the Hayden Road spot and its novella sized menu. As you can imagine, the pancakes at Butter’s are highly recommended, but they aren’t the only meal that has star power. Their skillets haunt our dreams in a good way, moderately priced and heaped high with eggs, potatoes, veggies, and whatever meat you crave (their New Mexico skillet is our fave, loaded with the spicy goodness of chorizo.) Every skillet also comes with a choice of pancakes or toast, so diners won’t have to leave wondering what all the fuss about their pancakes is all about.

Brat Haus, 3622 N Scottsdale Road

No, we aren’t calling your kiddos mean names, the brats we are talking about today are a German specialty, and the Brat Haus is destined to be one of your favorite Scottsdale finds. Offering a dog friendly patio offering ping pong tables, Jenga games, and cornhole games that will all help keep even the wiggliest of children happily occupied. Offering a revolving selection of beers on tap, communal tables that will encourage new friendships to be made, and those brats that we personally can’t get enough of, the Brat Haus is worthy of a closer look.

Grilled Bratwurst

Los Sombreros, 2534 N Scottsdale Road

Our last restaurant in the moderately priced segment is the brainchild of a local chef, one who closes down the restaurant every August to head south of the border to research new dishes to add to the menu. Famed for their mole and the duros de harina (puffed wheat “chips” that resemble wagon wheels), Los Sombreros is sure to be one of your favorite Mexican restaurants. Fun fact: The former chef of Los Sombreros is a local celeb chef who has moved on to open an upscale restaurant in Sedona, so if you happen to take a road trip during your Scottsdale adventures, be sure to check out what Elote Café has to offer.

Special Occasions Deserve Special Occasion Meals

Not every vacation is a family vacation, and if you are in Scottsdale celebrating a special occasion with friends or your favorite traveling companion, you deserve a special occasion restaurant to celebrate at. These restaurants, while pricier than the others listed on this page, will give visitors a dining experience that is both memorable and delicious.

Café Monarch, 6939 E 1st Avenue

The Scottsdale vibe is often a laidback one, but the elegant décor of the Café Monarch will bring travelers a sense of European style, even as the food served is 100% American. Reservations are required at this classy restaurant located in the heart of Scottsdale, and because of its popularity, we encourage our guests to make their reservations well in advance. Named by Trip Advisor as one of the Top 3 Fine Dining Restaurants in the Nation, Old Town Scottsdale shines just a bit brighter, simply because of the existence of this special restaurant. The four-course dinner menu gives guests their choice of two or more options from each course, and if you really want to up the special value, choose the eight-course tasting menu for your last selection.

Dominick’s Steakhouse, 15169 N Scottsdale Road

Offering a rooftop patio with pool (no swimming, please, this pool is just for admiring), Dominick’s Steakhouse opens every day at 4 PM and provides a well-rounded menu of steak, chicken, and seafood. And although we do adore their 45-day dry aged bone-in ribeye and their truffled and salted crispy fries, we do recommend you save room for dessert. Their triple chocolate bombs, red velvet bread pudding, and s’mores in a jar may very well be the secret to world peace and their dessert wines and cordials offer the perfect finish to a perfect meal.


Sel, 7044 E Main Street

Closed on Sundays and Mondays, Sel offers elegant American meals served on white tablecloths and a well-trained staff that walks the fine line between attentive and stalky with ease. Their chef’s tasting menu is five courses long and can include wine pairings at an additional cost, and unlike most restaurants, they even offer a vegetarian chef’s tasting menu that is as tasty and elegant as their traditional tasting menu.

A Category of Its Own

Although we have mentioned a few of our local Mexican restaurants, we think this food deserves its own category, and if you are interested in experiencing an authentic taste of the southwest, a visit to these restaurants is a must-do.

Los Olivos Mexican Patio, 7328 E 2nd Street

The oldest Mexican restaurant in Scottsdale, Los Olivos Mexican Patio has been a tradition since opening day in 1947, and we at I Love Scottsdale always say, “there must be a good reason if they have stayed in business that long.” The reason, of course, is their spicy and flavorful Mexican food that is also reasonably priced, plus a menu that is longer than most books. Don’t ask us to choose our favorites, that would be like forcing us to choose between our kids, but we do suggest that you order guacamole before dinner and lose all hope at being able to save room for dessert; order flan to go and your stomach will be very happy for you.


Mochilero Kitchen, 14850 N Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard #117

Next, we venture from the oldest Mexican restaurant to the newest—our latest obsession, Mochilero Kitchen. Offering a new twist on traditional flavors, this is where you will find guacamole served with plantain chips, roasted mushroom tacos that are hearty and flavorful, and Sonoran hot dogs that will change the way you eat a dog forever. It hasn’t been open for long, but with each visit we make to Mochilero, we are falling deeper and deeper in love and we envision that this will become a Scottsdale hot spot, one that sticks around for a long, long, time.

Taco Madera, 4736 N Goldwater Boulevard

Taco Madera provides a modern update to the classic Mexican dishes we hold near and dear to our hearts. Located inside our luxurious Scottsdale Fashion Square mall and offering a menu filled with foods designed for all eaters, including a large vegetarian selection, they also offer a weekend brunch that is very unexpected. Featuring truffle quesadillas, sashimi Mexicana, and tres leches French toast so sweet and delicious, we wouldn’t be surprised if you asked the chef for his recipe! If you do manage to save room for dessert, we can’t recommend their Dama de los muertos dessert highly enough, and once you taste this peanut butter mousse made with milk chocolate, cocoa nibs, raspberry coulis, and fresh raspberries, you may find yourself wanting to come back just for dessert at a later time.

Bacanora Phoenix, 1301 Grand Avenue #1 in Phoenix

This last restaurant, although located in Phoenix, deserves special mention in this segment dedicated to our favorite Mexican restaurants. Bacanora is an informal restaurant serving Sonoran favorites that are filled with flavor and a unique elegance not often found in Mexican food. Its chefs were named semifinalists in the prestigious James Beard Foundation and is so popular, reservations need to be made a month in advance; reservations open the first of every month for times in the following month. The menu is short and sweet, and as we have eaten our way through it multiple times, we can assure you that there is never a sour note in the foods that come out of Bacanora’s kitchen.

The Kitchens in Our I Love Scottsdale Sanctuaries

No, our kitchens are not restaurants, and yes, you will need to cook your own meals, but luxury appliances, stone countertops, and custom cabinetry all work together to bring the joy back to your cooking experiences. I Love Scottsdale understands that all the details are the most important and as you relax, play, and explore the amenities in our vacation escapes, the only negative part will be knowing that you have to leave in too short of a time! Reserve your favorite escape today.

Are you thinking of going on a vacation to Scottsdale? We don’t blame you! There are tons of things to do in this vibrant Arizona town all year round. You don’t have to come here in the summer to enjoy the great weather, or head here in the winter to hit the ski slopes — there are outdoor and indoor activities that you and your friends or family can do all months of the year that are sure to have you talking and bragging to your friends forever!

We love coming to Scottsdale and heading to Taliesin West to check out this incredible architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright. Or, you can take on one of the numerous trails at the Gateway Trailhead at McDowell Sonoran Preserve — it doesn’t matter if you are an avid hiker or snow-shoer or if you are new to nature! Plus, you can check out other incredible Scottsdale cultural attractions, such as Old Town Scottsdale, with its plethora of shops and restaurants, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, with tons of local wildlife, and the Desert Botanical Garden, with over 50k plants!

If this sounds like something that may be fun as your first auction in the new year or for a last-minute Christmas holiday, then you should check out I Love Scottsdale. Our premier rental company offers tons of rentals that are perfect for groups of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if you are coming here with your best friends, or you are headed here for an intimate couple getaway; we have a property for everyone.

Incredible Property for Your Next Vacation to Scottsdale

If your extended family or a large group of friends decide that Scottsdale is THE place to be for an upcoming vacation, we have the property for you — look at the Scottsdale Grandview Getaway, a five-bedroom, 3-bathroom house that can comfortably fit you and 13 of your very best friends.

This incredible property has ample outdoor space that is perfect for watching the sunset, playing games as the sun goes down, and hopping in your private pool at any time of the day. You can lounge around on one of the recliner chairs, sit on the cozy couch under the covered area, or play a game of mini golf with your friends to challenge one another to some healthy competition. Or, sit on the upstairs balcony and deck area to watch the sunset, sip on a cocktail, or read a book during the middle of the day.

Once you enter the home, you will still be blown away by the detailing and the interior design of our house. After all, we put this together with the guest in mind — we wanted to make sure that you are happy, comfortable, and impressed with our interior design, decor, furnishings, and architecture as you spend time inside the home.

Almost immediately, your kids will notice and love the game room! They can play NBA Jam, Hidden Tee, or challenge one another to a foosball match. This fun game room offers big windows and a TV to keep teens and young adults entertained during the entire duration of your stay.

Plus, you can walk to the living room in just a few steps. Meander into the living room and kitchen, taking in the open floor plan that makes this house feel even bigger than it already is. You will love the plush couches, a coffee table that is perfect for propping up your feet or setting out appetizers, and smart TV that can play your favorite shows and movies. If there isn’t enough seating on the couches, you can sit at one of the cozy high-top stools and set your drinks on the high countertop as you watch a sports game on TV or play a game of cards with your friends.

We love how the living room connects to the dining room and the kitchen. The open floor plan makes the space feel light, bright, and airy, which is perfect for accommodating so many guests. You can sit at the long, wooden dining room table and have a formal meal, or you can set out food on the granite kitchen countertop.

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There are tons of reasons why you should choose this modern and spacious house for your upcoming holiday. Not only does this upscale property have a modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, a long dining room table, a cozy living room with a smart TV, and numerous cozy bedrooms that can fit all of your guests, but the location is unbeatable. Explore all that Scottsdale has to offer when you stay at Scottsdale Grandview Getaway with your friends.

We guarantee that using I Love Scottsdale is the best option for guests who want to enjoy a luxury vacation with their friends and family. Check out our website today to book the holiday home of your dreams!

Scottsdale is home to some of the best outdoor activities, fun things, local restaurants, live music, and endless attractions that make it so famous for kids, young adults, and couples alike! It is no wonder that people flock here all year round to enjoy hiking in the summertime, water spots in the hot months of July and August, skiing during the winter season, and biking during the springtime.

But should you head to the sunny and warm state of Arizona during the month of February? Although this may not be your first thought, this is THE ideal spot to head to during the beginning of spring and the end of winter. You can take part in some of the tail-end winter sports, like skiing and snowshoeing, and begin to take part in warm-weather activities, like hiking and shopping outside in the downtown area of Scottsdale.

Plus, during the middle of February, you can attend local Scottsdale Valentine’s Day events with your partner to really reignite the spark in your relationship.

Check out the top things to do on February 14th with your partner to make this an unforgettable vacation and a love-filled holiday.

Head to Kelly’s at Southbridge

Kelly’s is a mouth-watering fine-dining restaurant in Southbridge that is great all year round. But suppose you want to take part in a romantic evening with your partner. In that case, you can sit on the heated patio, share an appetizer with your loved one, and sip on some of the carefully-crafted signature cocktails. Listen to some live music to really get in the mood, share a pub classic with your husband or wife, and then rejoice as your taste buds sing with bites of modern cuisine.

We recommend splitting the truffle fries with truffle oil and parmesan with your loved one to start. Or, you can try the Brussels sprouts with pancetta and salsa to start the meal off in the best way possible. Another big hit is the bruschetta with warm ciabatta, featuring your choice of prosciutto, pesto chicken, ricotta, or mozzarella. For an entree, you really can’t go wrong with the prime Argentine grass-fed ribeye steak with steamed broccoli, the Lucca’s pesto penne with grilled chicken and pine nut pesto, or the Pepper Jack burger with guacamole.

To end the night with a bang, we recommend splitting the tiramisu or the house cheesecake with your date. Wash down all of the mouth-watering food with a bottle of bubbles, like the Gemma di Luna prosecco or the Veuve Clicquot yellow-label prosecco for a real splurge.

Have a Scottsdale Valentine’s Day Dinner at Hearth ‘61

Another great spot to spend the incredible holiday is at the Hearth ‘61 restaurant at Mountain Shadows Resort. Head here for brunch, dinner, or to sit at the bar and have a few tasty drinks. If you come here for dinner on Valentine’s Day, we recommend splitting the Hiramasa Crudo with your date, featuring red harissa and shallot rounds. Or, split a charcuterie and cheese board, which pairs perfectly with a glass (or bottle) of house red wine or white wine.

As a main dish, we recommend trying the Niman Ranch tenderloin of beef with red wine demi sauce and bleu cheese fondue. If you are not a meat eater, don’t worry! Try the mustard-crusted salmon with haricot vert or the quinoa and lentil stew with potato and tomato curry. Veg lovers rejoice! To end the meal, wash down all of the incredible cuisines with the ‘Taken for Granite’ cocktail, featuring tequila, pomegranate and ginger syrup, and lemon-lime garnish.

Take Part in the Scottsdale Coffee, Wine, and Ale Trail

Our last fun activity that you MUST take part in during your time in Scottsdale over Valentine’s weekend is to go to the Scottsdale Coffee, Wine, and Ale Trail! This do-it-yourself experience is ideal for those who want to take the weekend by the horns and really see all that this vibrant city has to offer. Download the map from the Scottsdale city website and start exploring!

Some of the best coffee houses that are ideal for a strong espresso in the morning or an iced latte during a rarely-hot winter day include Berdena’s on Fifth Avenue, Four till Four on First Avenue, Press Coffee Roasters on Camelback Road, or Schmooze Workspace and Cafe on Marshall Way. You can’t go wrong with any of these laid-back and relaxed coffee shops!

After starting the day off right with some caffeine, head to one of the numerous wine-tasting rooms or breweries. If you are a wine connoisseur and would love some Cabernet Sauvignon, head to the Aridus Wine Company, Carlson Creek Vineyards, or LDV Winery on Stetson Drive for a romantic afternoon.

For those who are more into craft brews and pilsners, we highly recommend healing to the Scapegoat Beer and Wine Bar, Sip Coffee and Beer House, Brat Haus, Craft 64, or Bottled Blonde in the heart of Scottsdale!

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Check out I Love Scottsdale to book a romantic getaway for you and your partner this Valentine’s Day Weekend!

If you are looking for the ideal Arizona getaway there is nowhere else you should stay than Scottsdale. This desirable township of the Phoenix Valley has everything you could want for an unforgettable vacation getaway. Picking your destination is just the start of your future plans here in Scottsdale. Finding the perfect vacation rental is always one of the most important steps in your planning. Luckily our selection of upscale Scottsdale vacation rentals cannot be compared to any others. This includes our Marabella property which is a modern build and can hold up to 14 individuals at once. Take a look at what a stay at Marabella can look like for you:

North Scottsdale Property

Guests will find Marabella to be located on the Northern side of Scottsdale with beautiful mountain vistas in the background. Marabella is a huge property located on a 1/3 acre lot which will be readily apparent the moment you arrive. Marabella is also found on a cul de sac lot meaning you will not be hearing tons of traffic drive by during your stay. You will find a private paradise with a landscaped yard found out front and in the back. Guests will enter the home through the double-door entryway and marvel at the home. Marabella features close to 3000 square footage of space. Guests will first step into the open floor plan of the common areas all connected together. The living room space features contemporary furnishings such as the comfortable sectional sofa and armchairs. Unwind from your day of exploring by enjoying some on the huge Smart TV near the decorative fireplace. You will also find direct access to the incredible backyard from the patio doors.

The gourmet kitchen is simply a few steps away and offers a culinary experience when preparing a meal. Stainless steel appliances including a fridge, stove/oven combo, and dishwasher provide plenty of space to cook a meal and store any leftovers. The separate kitchen island offers plenty of countertop space so everything can be made at once. Or you can use this space for additional seating with multiple barstools or set up a weekend brunch. The dining room table is just around the corner with a high-end glass top table, an incredible chandelier, and room for everyone to sit down for a meal together.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms in Marabella

Marabella offers a total of four bedrooms in the home and can comfortably sleep up to 14 guests during your stay each night. Three of the bedrooms are found on the upper level including the master suite. This bedroom features vaulted ceilings, king size bed, an additional queen sofa sleeper, and a 65” Smart TV. The en suite bathroom offers a separate makeup area, walk-in shower, and soaking tub. There is plenty of room to unpack your clothes in the huge walk-in closet. The other two bedrooms found upstairs share access to a full-size bathroom. The first guest room has a king-size bed while the other features dual twin-over-twin bunk beds perfect for children. The final bedroom is found on the main level and also features a king-size bed and giant Smart TV; the full-size bathroom it connects to shares space with the common areas of the home.

Outdoor Fun

Part of the charm of staying at Marabella is the outdoor paradise found in the backyard. Step out onto the covered patio that comes with restaurant-style lighting, an al fresco dining table, a built-in gas grill, and a lounge area. The yard also features a separate courtyard that also comes with a fire table and seating arrangements perfect for the winter season. Everyone knows that Arizona gets hot so make sure to take a dip in the swimming pool. The pool features a nine-foot diving section and can also be heated during the winter season for an additional fee. Or try out the hot tub perfect to warm up your muscles after a day of hiking the nearby mountains. The adults and children can all have a blast with the life-size chess board set and corn hole games; friendly competition never hurt anyone during vacation! Of course, being in Scottsdale Marabella will be a close drive to the many attractions in the area. Make your way to Old Town Scottsdale to find the best restaurants and nightlife spots in the city. TopGolf offers some friendly golf-related activities and a tasty food menu. Or head to the Scottsdale Fashion Square where you will find all of the hottest trends at big-name boutiques. Scottsdale has it all!

Your Scottsdale Vacation is Waiting

As you can see Marabella has everything you need for the perfect adventure getaway here in Scottsdale. Make sure to book this highly desirable property today.

If you are in the mood for a sunny, fun, and exciting holiday, we have the perfect place in mind. Why not head go on a Scottsdale, Arizona vacation to enjoy the outdoor hiking trails, biking areas, mouthwatering restaurants, cool caves, friendly locals, and dozens of cultural attractions that are going to keep you busy all day long?

The perfect year-round weather and ample sun have made this hotspot one of the most widely visited tourist destinations, offering ski slopes in the wintertime, hiking trails in the summer, and amazing views for every month in between.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? We think so too! But where should you stay during your upcoming holiday?

Fortunately for you, I Love Scottsdale has the accommodation covered. We offer luxurious and high-end homes, condominiums, and apartments that are suitable for all of your needs. Whether you need a home for 20 people or a condo for you and your partner, we can find it for you.

Check out Scottsdale Desert Horizon, a 6-bedroom, 3-bathroom Scottsdale house rental that can comfortably fit 18 guests. If you are heading to Arizona for a large family reunion, friend get-together, or corporate retreat, this is the best place to stay.

Exterior Areas

For those that love to take a dip in the pool during the heat in the middle of the day, look no further — this property has a spacious pool area that is perfect for swimming, playing basketball in the water, or lounging by the poolside to get a great tan. You can sit under the umbrella too if you would rather read, sip on a cocktail or keep your face out of the sun.

For those who love games, shoot a few hoops in the basketball net or head to the life-sized chess game to move the pieces and test your skill!

You can also sit outside in the bar area and have a cocktail while you watch your kids swim in the pool. There are ample outdoor seating spaces, making it the ideal house for those who love to throw outdoor parties, grill on the barbecue, and take full advantage of the warm weather.

Living Area in This Scottsdale House Rental

After a long day of being outside and exploring Scottsdale, you may want to sit outside and chill out. Head to the living room, furnished with modern decorations, gray couches, gray walls, and unique artwork that makes it feel like you’re living in an upscale mansion (because you are!). Prop your feet up on the coffee table and watch some TV on the smart TV before you head into the kitchen to make dinner.


The kitchen is one of the best areas in the house to hang out, socialize, and have a few snacks with your friends. The modern kitchen contains stainless steel appliances, like a new refrigerator, oven, microwave, stove, freezer, coffee pot, and blender, helping you make anything and everything that your guests want!

Plus, your guests can sit at the high-top bar stools on the granite island to eat some snacks in the middle of the day or chat with you while you make dinner. We love the open floor plan that connects the kitchen, outdoor area, and dining room, making the space feel even bigger than it already is.

Dining Room

Once dinner is ready, head to the formal dining room table to have a meal with your guests. You can all sit at the long wooden table, while some of your guests hang out in the living room or sit at the high-top bar stools. The open floor plan provides ample space for you and all of your guests to converse with one another without feeling cramped!


Last but not least, we have the bedrooms, the six bedrooms in the house are all uniquely decorated, containing high-end artwork, cool rugs, plush bedding, bright windows, seating areas, and en-suite bathrooms that make it easy to wash off any dirt from a hiking trail before you hop into bed. We guarantee you will have one of the best nights of sleep in your life!

Book Your Scottsdale Arizona Vacation Today

If you’re looking for a high-end, luxurious, and modern home that ticks all of the boxes, then look no further — Scottsdale Desert Horizon is THE vacation destination for large groups who want a taste of luxury.

I love Scottsdale offers a variety of properties that can work for your unique party’s needs, offering outdoor spaces, private pools, deck space, multiple bedrooms, and spacious living areas. Our high-end services, customer support, and attention to detail are what sets us apart from the competition.

For those who want a 3,200-square-foot home that can fit up to 18 guests, our property is the best in the entire area. Book this dream home via I Love Scottsdale to have a vacation you will never forget!

Scottsdale, Arizona, is a desert city known for its outdoor activities, hot weather, sunshine-filled summers, and historic downtown area. With tons of cultural attractions to see during your holiday, it is no wonder tourists flock here all year round to enjoy the buildings from the 19th century, interesting architecture, eye-catching rock formations, and a desert landscape.

But where should you stay if you want to come to Arizona for a romantic getaway? What if you and your family want to go on a Scottsdale vacation for a one-week outdoor adventure? We have the perfect accommodation options for you, no matter the price range or size preferences, including during the Scottsdale winter season!

Scottsdale Vacation Rentals

Looking For a house with a backyard pool? What about a remote oasis for you to relax? We have got you covered! Check out these housing options for your upcoming trip to Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Sweet Escape

With the capacity to comfortably hold ten guests, this house is ideal for those who want to hold a family reunion, friend get-together, or big party for their close family. With four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a backyard pool, this family-friendly house in Scottsdale is great for catching some sun, relaxing, and making Scottsdale your new home for a few weeks.

Scottsdale Ashley’s Place

With extensive views, palm trees, a modern stone exterior, a backyard pool, and all necessary amenities, this luxurious home is the perfect Scottsdale vacation home for 12 guests — including pets! Featuring four bedrooms and three bathrooms, this new-age home contains 2,209 square feet, smart TV, backyard access, steel appliances, dining room seating for six guests, an en suite bathroom in the master bedroom, and built-in gas barbeque.

The Scottsdale Elegant Oasis

If elegance and luxury are what you are looking for, then check out this home in the Scottsdale – Kierland area. With enough space to comfortably hold six guests, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom house has a modern living room, smart TV, shared outdoor pool, and hot tub for relaxing on a hot summer day.

Scottsdale Paradise

Looking for paradise on your holiday? Then why not try Scottsdale Paradise? This home in Scottsdale – Kierland can hold eight guests comfortably, featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Located in the quiet Kierland Commons area, there are tons to do here without being in the middle of the hubbub of city life. For those who want to relax on their holiday, but be close to all of the local amenities, this is the place to be.

Plus, you can enjoy the updated amenities, modern interior space, high ceilings, and outdoor area. The living room offers a comfortable seating area and smart TV, whereas the dining area has plenty of seating and natural light for all of your guests.

Since you are within 10 miles of Old Town Scottsdale and Scottsdale Waterfront, this is the ideal area to center yourself. Not To mention, you are close to Echo Canyon Trailhead!

Scottsdale Soak Up the Elements

For a huge party or family reunion, there is no better place than this expansive house. With enough space to hold fourteen guests, this four-bedroom, two-bathroom, and 1-half bathroom home have a huge outdoor area, tons of square footage, and a private pool.

With over 2,000 square feet of living space, guests can enjoy the modern contemporary furnishings in the living room, 65″ smart TV, stainless steel kitchen appliances, bar seating, family dining style table, and luxurious bedrooms. The master bedroom has its own 55″ smart TV, private access to the pool and patio, and contemporary shower.

Did we mention the pool is heated? This means that you can head here during the Scottsdale winter for some peaceful laps in the pool Plus, the outdoor spaces are ideal for a vacation all year round!

Scottsdale Dream Estate

For a luxurious and opulent mansion suitable for huge family get-togethers and friend reunions, this accommodation is perfect. With enough space to fit 20 guests, this six-bedroom and four-bathroom option contain a backyard light pole, plenty of outdoor seating, expansive outdoor grounds for exploring, modern amenities, and much more.

Featuring over 3,800 square feet, an outdoor shower, vaulted ceilings, luxury amenities, and tons of space for everyone to enjoy their own relaxing time, this is the ideal place for a large group retreat. You can enjoy cooking in the kitchen with stainless steel appliances, relaxing in the living room with the 75″ smart TV and Apple TV, and talking about your day with everyone in the dining room.

Not sure where to stay during your upcoming holiday to the sunny and outdoor-center Scottsdale, Arizona? Don’t worry — we have the answer for you.

Instead of browsing online for days and days, only to book a small hotel room, we recommend using I Love Scottsdale to find the perfect accommodation option for you and your friends or family. Whether you need a mansion for your family reunion or a smaller house for you and your children, there are choices for everyone.