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For many travelers, the best part of the vacation experience is the opportunity to enjoy a taste of the town they are visiting! Yes, it is great learning the history of the place, by checking out the landmarks they have read about their entire life, but often, their social media sites will be filled with pictures of the foods they have devoured during their travels, and if you see nothing wrong with that, this page will excite you! I Love Scottsdale doesn’t just provide vacation sanctuaries so comfortable and luxurious you never want to leave, we also provide itineraries that will take you to all the places that make Scottsdale one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world! Today, we want to reach out to the foodies amongst our guests, treating them to a 3-day epicurean journey to Scottsdale filled with the best foods in the state!

Day 1: Don’t You Wish You Could Still Eat Like You Did as a Teen?

Those days when our stomachs never seemed to be full and still were flat and taut may be missed even more when you get your first glimpse of the food you can devour in the West’s Most Western Town! Starting with the most important meal of the day, breakfast, you are going to want something big and hearty after beginning your day with a hike up Camelback Mountain! And because that hike is something extra you can afford all the carbs found in the big plates of pancakes served at Butterfield’s Pancake House and Restaurant! Located at 7388 E Shea Boulevard, they also serve traditional egg breakfasts, but doesn’t it make sense to try the Oreo Cookie S’mores pancakes served in a spot that has pancake as its middle name?

If you feel guilty about the extra fat and calories, however, don’t skip the pancakes, just spend your morning hours (while it is still cool!) wandering in and out of the stores in Old Town Scottsdale, burning more calories! It won’t take long for hunger pangs to strike again, and a taste of California in the heart of the desert is sure to be most appreciated. Olive & Ivy, located at 7135 E Camelback Road offers a variety of small plates, sandwiches, and pastas guaranteed to make your midday break that much tastier.

It is possible, however, that you may not be hungry for lunch and prefer to splurge on a large dinner, possibly at one of the many authentic Mexican restaurants that dot our landscape! Every day can be Taco Tuesday when you choose Diego Pops, 4338 N Scottsdale Road, for your evening culinary adventures! Offering a menu so large you will need an extra few minutes to peruse it all, it is the tacos that will capture your heart; and the tequila flights that will add a soft glow to your first night in town!

Day 2: Room for More?

After eating your way through Scottsdale on your first day you may be wondering if you have room for any more food in your belly, but we at I Love Scottsdale have faith in the expansion ability of your stomachs! Starting out with breakfast, your day will have the sweetest beginning when you stop by for the treats served at the Local Donut, 3213 N Hayden Road. Not every breakfast has to be a big one and honestly, some of your best days will begin with a Ferrero Rocher Fancy Donut washed down with a strong cup of coffee! After a morning of exploring the Phoenix Zoo, lunch at the Lunch Bag, 8989 E Via Linda #116, will help you fill your stomach with handmade sandwiches that may become your newest obsession, while still ensuring that when dinner rolls around, you will be ready for a fine Mexican meal at the Mission, 3815 N. Brown Avenue. (Yeah, we are going to suggest you get in all the Mexican food you can eat while you are here!) Featuring a room with a Himalayan salt wall and the tastiest table-side guacamole in town, you won’t go wrong with any of your menu choices!

Day 3: Must You Leave So Soon?

There’s still many more Scottsdale eateries to explore during your epicurean journey to Scottsdale, but to ensure that you leave satisfied, for today’s restaurants we are going to concentrate on just one spot, a modern establishment that could arguably be called the best restaurant in Scottsdale. The Fat Ox, located at 6316 Scottsdale Road, offers an Italian dining EXPERIENCE (yes, the capital letters are necessary!) providing little extras that enhance the meal, even as they have nothing to do with the food; stools for your purses, valet parking, even black tied uniforms give the space an ambience you won’t soon forget.

The menu, filled with juicy steaks, handmade pastas, and a bread starter that will break your heart because you know this will be the only place you will ever enjoy something so tasty! A meal at the Fat Ox is the best way to say adios to your Scottsdale adventures, perhaps planting the idea in your head that you will come back again one day to devour more of its bread! Knowing also that I Love Scottsdale will be the only place you want to stay when you do! Reserve your favorite today!