Not sure where to stay during your upcoming trip to Arizona? We have the ideal home for you and your big group of friends! Check out the beautiful Scottsdale Casa Bonita, a modern and spacious home that offers outdoor space, a private pool area, and multiple bedrooms. This 1,806 square foot home features 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for you and 7 of your very best friends.

Living Room

As soon as you enter the home, you will be blown away by the modern decorations, open floor plan, bright lighting, and ample floor space. You will never feel cramped or crowded when you stay here, as the open floor plan and spacious walkways make it easy for you to get to the dining room table, outdoor space, cozy living room couch, and modern kitchen in just a few steps!

The living room features a large L-shaped couch that is huge — it seriously can hold all of your guests as you enjoy a family movie night or play a board game on the coffee table. Put your drinks on the coffee table and get out the Uno card game as you challenge one another to some friendly competition on a rainy night.

Or you can sit around the couch and in the spare cozy chairs and chat with one another and tell stories. We also love using the smart TV to watch a family movie or an exciting Netflix show before heading off to bed. We make sure the living room offers ample space for you to sit and converse with your guests, so you never feel like you’re separated from one another.

Dining Room

Plus, the dining room table is connected to the living room and kitchen, so you can sit and have a formal meal with everyone together. The large wooden dining room table, lighting structure, and cozy chairs make it easy for you to sit, chat with one another, share a meal, or play a game of cards. You can also use the dining room table for some remote workspace if you need to take a conference call, hold a Zoom meeting, or send a few emails during your holiday.

Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen is one of the main focal points of the house. The granite countertops, bar stool seating, wooden cabinets, tile flooring, and stainless-steel appliances offer an ultra-modern vibe that you won’t find in hotels or hostels. We love the new coffee pot, dishwasher, stove, oven, and microwave that make it easy for you to cut up fresh vegetables, make a healthy dinner, or whip up a breakfast in no time.

Plus, you can then serve your guests at the granite countertop bar or use this space for happy hour drinks, reading a book, or working on your laptop!

Cozy Bedrooms in the Scottsdale Casa Bonita

After a long day of exploring all there’s to do and see around Scottsdale, such as the red rocks in the desert, fun downtown area, or hiking trails, we recommend curling up under your cozy covers and getting a great night of sleep.

The master bedroom features a large king-sized bed with comfortable pillows and soft linens against your skin. You can turn on the bedside lamps to read a book before dozing off or watch your favorite Hulu or Netflix show on the smart TV. If you want to watch the sun go down before you hit the hay, you can use your private backyard access door to head outside and sit outside with a glass of wine.

Not to mention, after a long day of exploring the downtown Scottsdale shops, hiking trails, biking paths, and peaks, it might be time for a shower before you crawl into bed. Use the master ensuite bathroom with his-and-hers sinks to rinse the dirt off, wash your face, and go to bed feeling nice and relaxed.

And you will never have to worry about your guests and their sleeping arrangements — there are multiple bedrooms that have stylish interiors, clothing storage spaces, large beds, soft bedding, and private entrances, so they can feel like they have their own private space.

All of these bedrooms offer large beds, private bathrooms, and separate entrances, so couples, teenagers, and families can feel like they have their own haven during their relaxing vacation in Scottsdale.

Outdoor Space

One of the main features of this property that really sets it apart from others in the area is the ample outdoor space. We offer a private pool, lounge chairs to get some sun on your face, covered plush chairs for sitting and reading, and a dining area for you to have a nice al fresco lunch on a warm summer day.

We make sure that you can sit in the shade if you want to avoid the sun, or you can get a nap. No matter what you want, we can provide it for you! Plus, there are even outdoor games, like darts and a small putt-putt course that is ideal for kids or those who are trying to up their golf game.

Nearby Attractions

Once you do finally decide to leave our cozy and modern home, there is so much to do that is just minutes from your doorstep! Scottsdale Casa Bonita is just a few minutes’ drive from Old Town Scottsdale, which is ideal for visiting cafes and local restaurants. You can also get to nearby golf courses to practice your golf swing in just a few minutes by car.

Are you interested in putting on a few bets during your stay here? Well, no worries! Head to the nearby casinos to try your luck or try betting on a few of the nearby baseball games for a little added adrenaline rush.

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