Scottsdale Museums

There is just something magical about a museum. The quiet, almost expectant hush that greets each guest, the way the artifacts tell their stories without having to say a word, and yes, the fun, of perusing the gift shop on the way out, purchasing something that will forever remind us of the stolen moments we enjoyed on that quiet morning in Wednesday—art museums provide an altogether different experience, with their reminders that without color, life would indeed be a bland and boring place. And of course, the gift shop is even more important, providing us with the opportunity to own some of that color! A visit to Scottsdale museums may be the part of your visit that you need the most, providing all of the above, plus maybe a little extra coolness for our summer visitors. As you explore the past and the future, coming home to your I Love Scottsdale vacation sanctuary will be the best way to enjoy the present!

Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, 3830 N Marshall Way

Welcome to the West’s Most Western Town, and for today’s museum visit, the town’s most Western Museum! This establishment filled with art and stories of the Wild, Wild West will thrill even the tiniest of travelers, providing insight into the lives of some of the world’s most famous cowboys, cowgirls, and bad guys, as well as the Native Americans who once roamed our desert landscape. Their 3D mural “Western Spirit” invites the influencer in your life to step into the past with one of the most interesting selfies they will ever take.

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, 7374 E 2nd Avenue

From the not so distant past, we head to the oh so colorful future with a visit to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, offering the opportunity to explore the works of some of today’s most powerful artists. The exhibits of this Scottsdale art museum are an ever-evolving display of photography, paintings, and celebrate light, color, and beauty in an elegant space that will speak to your soul.

Taliesin West, 12621 Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard

The desert has attracted famous people from all over the world to its rugged countryside and has left an indelible impression on some, while some have left an indelible impression on the world and in our hearts. Taliesin West, the dream of the most famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, is one such example, once an architect school and winter home of the man, and today serving as a reminder of his brilliance and the headquarters of his foundation. If it seems slightly familiar to Frank Lloyd Wright fans, it is because it is the twin to Taliesin East in Wisconsin!

Scottsdale Historical Museum, 7333 E Scottsdale Mall

Located in what was once known as the Little Red Schoolhouse, the Scottsdale Historical Museum tells the story of the hometown we know and love. Inside, you can see what a one-room schoolroom would have looked like in the early 20th century, back before Arizona was even a state and when cattle drives still took place in the dirt streets of the West’s Most Western Town. Offering artifacts from that time period and a display of a farm kitchen, the difference will amaze you when you step back out into the sunshine and are instantly surrounded by the cosmopolitan city that attracts travelers from around the world!

Scottsdale Selfie Museum & Photography Studio, 11111 N Scottsdale Road Suite 120

With just a few steps and a short drive, we step out of the past and into the future with a visit to the Scottsdale Selfie Museum & Photography Studio! The Selfie Museum, operating by reservations only, lets travelers document their visit in exciting and fun new ways. Standing in the VIP section behind velvet ropes, wearing angel wings, or chilling out under a disco ball—all these plus so many more selfie stations will add interest to your social networking sites, perhaps leading to new followers and likes!

Museum of Illusions, 9500 East Vía de Ventura

The last of our Scottsdale museums offers a visual, sensory, and educational experience you will never forget, taking visitors on a journey through exhibits that will change your perspective on everything you think you know already. Their illusion rooms will really change up life, and the images that hang on the wall, much like the Magic Eye pictures that were such a big fad in the 80s, shows viewers alternate ways of looking at things!

Come Home to I Love Scottsdale

After traipsing many miles through museums of all sorts and learning fun facts about Scottsdale, Arizona, coming home to the creature comforts and luxuries found in our I Love Scottsdale sanctuaries will bring peace and relaxation. Reserve your favorite escape today!

FAQs About Scottsdale Museums

  • I’d like to learn a little bit more about the history of Scottsdale, any suggestions on a good history museum?

    The Scottsdale Historical Museum, located at 7333 East Scottsdale Mall, is housed inside what we call the Little Red Schoolhouse, the first official schoolhouse built for children of settlers in 1896.

  • What is a good art museum to explore during our Scottsdale stay?

    All the museums in Scottsdale are worthy of visiting, but the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, 7374 E 2nd Street, is definitely one of the most popular. Offering a massive selection of works created by the nation’s top artists, admission is free for kids under the age of 18, as the museum wants to create a love of art in the younger generation.

  • Does I Love Scottsdale offer any homes near the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art?

    We offer a selection of townhomes located less than 2 miles away from the museum and in the cooler months, it can be a beautiful walk on a sunny day.

  • Why should we choose I Love Scottsdale for our Scottsdale vacation home?

    The Scottsdale area is a popular vacation destination, and we know you have a lot of companies to choose from, but we can promise that you won’t get the same style, comfort, and luxuries from any other company. We haven’t done our job if you don’t leave Arizona wishing you could stay even longer and we work hard to anticipate your every need.