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Scottsdale is one of our state’s most popular cities, and you may think you already know everything there is to know about it, but we at I Love Scottsdale know there are a few secrets just waiting to be revealed. And because we don’t believe in secrets between friends, we have created this guide to a few fun facts about Scottsdale, Arizona you may not know, maybe giving you the opportunity to fill in the blank spots in your Arizona itinerary!

Parada del Sol

It should be expected that the West’s Most Western Town offers one of the world’s oldest cowboy parades, something your littles cowpokes will thrill to experience! Held during one of our busiest times in the Valley, the first Saturday in February, the Parada del Sol and the Trail’s End Festival are both terrific family friendly events that celebrate the spirit of the old west. And yes, there will be real cowboys riding through the streets and the festival that follows will provide food, entertainment, and vendors selling all manner of western themed merchandise!

Mystery Castle

Every town deserves a little mystery to keep it interesting, and the Mystery Castle, located in nearby Phoenix at 800 E Mineral Road, is ours! Our desert hometowns were once a place where people with respiratory illnesses flocked to our doorstep, finding hope and a chance to extend their lives, and one young man, Boyce Gully, was among those travelers. Forced to leave his family, including his beloved daughter, Mary Lou, in the hope that he would grow better. In the interim period, however, he spent his days building a castle for his princess, furnishing it with Southwestern antiques, and hoping he would one day see her again. Sadly, he died before his family could join him, but the monument of love he created for his little girl still stands proudly nearly 80 years later, and tours are offered between October and May. And yes, Mary Lou did get to see the castle, moving in as an adult and living there until her death in 2010.

Old Town Scottsdale Wine & Ale Trails

Arizona is actually home to a variety of award-winning vineyards and craft breweries, and Scottsdale is on its way to providing real competition to Napa Valley! Our Old Town Scottsdale Wine & Ale Trail gives visitors the opportunity to sip their way through the Southwest, and you can download a map and passport and spend your vacation hours exploring our offerings!

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