How to Get to Scottsdale

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You’ve waited a long time to start this southwestern vacation, and now it is time to make the decision on what mode of transportation you will use to get here. This guide on how to get to Scottsdale will help make the decision easier.

Fly the Friendly Skies

We are lucky here in the Valley of the Sun. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is a major airport that is located within minutes of your I Love Scottsdale vacation escape! It is Arizona’s largest airport, with all airlines flying in daily, so no matter where you are from, flying here will be easy! For us there is nothing worse than traveling thousands of miles to get to your vacation destination and then, upon arrival, having to travel even further to get to where you are staying, which fortunately is not something you will have to do. Disembark from the plane, gather your luggage, and head to the nearest car rental spot to pick up your vehicle; after that, it will take just a few minutes more to get to your home sweet vacation home where the relaxing can begin!

Who Is Up for a Road Trip?

As we are entirely landlocked, there is no way to travel by boat, and the nearest Amtrak station is located about 30 minutes outside of town, so if you aren’t going to fly, why not enjoy a cross-country road trip? Navigation systems make it easy to get around Scottsdale these days, no more having to deal with paper maps, and the freeways of the nation are mostly smooth sailing. If you have the time, you can also make stops at places you have always wanted to see, including the town of Branson, the Saint Louis Arch, or even taking some time to explore Santa Fe, reveling in its scenic charms, depending on which direction you are taking. The family road trip has almost become a thing of the past, but we think it is time to revive the tradition and your upcoming Arizona getaway is the perfect time to do just that!

Start Planning Today

If a road trip is something that interests you, it is best to start planning in advance, making sure that you make reservations in advance at hotels along the way. But however you decide to travel, and yes, you can also travel by bus, (it just takes longer!) when you finally arrive at the front door of your I Love Scottsdale sanctuary, you will know that comfort and luxury is waiting just beyond. Reserve your favorite property today!