Getting Around Scottsdale

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Now that you have arrived in Arizona and are comfortably ensconced in the I Love Scottsdale vacation escape of your choice, it is time to get out and start exploring and learning about Scottsdale. There’s a lot to see in our desert town, and even as you are here for a week or longer, chances are you still won’t get to see it all, especially if you don’t really know how to get around while you are here! It can be difficult to navigate a new place, but we make it our jobs to make your life easier, and this guide to getting around Scottsdale will help you get everywhere you want to be with great ease.

Ride Share Is the Easiest

The easiest way to get from Point A to Point Z is by utilizing the tools you probably already have on your phone. Lyft and Uber are popular ride share apps used by travelers all over the world and they are active in Scottsdale as well. Simply plug in the address of where you are going and let our friendly Arizona drivers take you to all the fun places that make the West’s Most Western Town one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations!

The Future Is Here

There are tours of the town, and then there are Segway tours, providing a fun and exciting way to explore all our most popular tourist sites. The most fun you will have on two wheels, each tour starts with a lesson to get you comfortable and includes safety gear to ensure an easy ride through the streets of Scottsdale. Their holiday lights tour at Christmas is definitely a tour you should consider if you are traveling in the winter! Scottsdale Segway Tours can be reserved online.

It’s Electric!

The sun is almost always guaranteed to be shining during your Arizona adventures, and although it may be a little too warm in the summer months, (Triple-digit temperatures are hot, even if it is a dry heat!) any other time of the year is perfect for exploring via eBike! Pedego Scottsdale, located at 6945 E 5th Ave or 15029 N Thompson Peak Parkway #101B, offer an electric way to view the city and promise to bring joy to all who ride!

A Stroll Through Town

Depending on which I Love Scottsdale vacation sanctuary you choose, your own two feet may be the most enjoyable mode of transportation! Shopping, hiking, exploring all that we have to offer while the sun shines brightly overhead will be made even more special because you know you will be able to go home to our comfortable and luxurious sanctuaries at the end of every day. Reserve your favorite today!