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Scottsdale is known as the West’s Most Western Town, and it is difficult to go far without experiencing something that reminds you of its nickname. A silver and turquoise gallery here, a rodeo parade there, even the symbol of Scottsdale, a sign with a cowboy waving his Stetson as he tries to stay on the back of the bucking bronco offers hints to our past, but if you really want to experience the west at its most western, a visit to Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West is guaranteed to thrill! Located at 3830 N Marshall Way, the history of the Wild West is preserved within its walls, and we at I Love Scottsdale highly recommend that you take time out of your busy schedule to explore its world.

The Wild West Comes to Life

As you spend your vacation minutes exploring upscale galleries, enjoying haute cuisine meals, and taking part in the sophisticated cultural experiences that make Scottsdale one of the most popular travel destinations in the nation, it may be hard to believe that just a few decades ago, the streets were dirt and horses would have been tied to hitching posts outside the saloons that lined the streets. Those rough and wild days of our country’s early history are gone now, but the Scottsdale Museum of the West brings them back to life with its exhibits, artifacts, and everchanging displays. The stories told with painted portraits and beaded accessories are captivating, and while all the exhibits on display are wonderful, the Courage and Crossroads: A Visual Journey Through the American West takes visitors on a journey through all the Wild West, not just Scottsdale, and will make visitors wish they could live in that time. The Christine and Ted Mollring Sculpture Courtyard is where many private events are held and offers a quiet elegance that contrasts with the roughness of the western times many of the sculptures depict. And of course, before you leave, a visit to the museum shop is a must! Offering everything from pottery to jewelry to books and home goods, it will make it easier not to forget when you stare at the magnet on your refrigerator or the Native wedding vase resting on your shelves! See something a little too large to carry home in your carryon? The museum’s online store offers shipping to your home!

Comfortable and Modern

Some of our I Love Scottsdale vacation escapes may offer a glimpse of the old west in their décor or in the views available through oversized windows, but their comfortable and modern design will ensure that you have all the modern day amenities that make life better! Contact us to reserve your favorite today!