Did you know that Scottsdale has about 330 days of sunshine every year? Our sunny weather is one of many reasons you may have had for choosing a Scottsdale vacation. When you visit, chances are you will be wanting to be outside as much as possible, especially if your own hometown is known for gray skies, cold weather, and lots of rain. When you choose our Scottsdale sanctuaries to stay in during your Arizona trip of a lifetime, this guide to outdoor adventures will help you fill all the moments with fun, sun, and excitement!

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Seasons of the Sun

There are more outdoor adventures our guests can enjoy than we probably have time to write about, and if we just started listing them all, chances are, some would get lost in the crowd. Additionally, although we are famous for sunshine, we are also famous for scorching hot summers, and we would hate to mislead you; some adventures just aren’t safe to participate in when the mercury reaches triple digits. With that being said, this guide to all the fun you can have under the sun (your outdoor adventures) will be divided into seasons, and although it would seem logical to start with the first season of the year, we are going to start during the time of year when indoor activities are best, the summer months.

Summer Is for Air Conditioning

Summer generally starts in May in Arizona, with the first 100-degree days occurring somewhere around the 11th, so if you are planning a Memorial Day getaway to the desert, pack your sunscreen, and remember, it’s a dry heat! Fortunately, even as the mercury is climbing, May is still pretty awesome, and if you rent one of our I Love Scottsdale vacation rentals with a pool, you will do absolutely fine. Here are some ideas on how to fill your summer months in Scottsdale.

Arizona Balloon Safaris, (480) 502-7640

The beauty of Scottsdale will be appreciated even more when enjoyed from the basket of a hot air balloon, and our May visitors will be able to experience a Sunrise Balloon Tour on any day. Hot air ballooning is best in the warmer months, and tours can be taken on weekends in July and August. These tours are also the perfect time to ask any burning questions that may be in your mind—you know, the kind that are usually accompanied by a piece of shiny jewelry?

McDonald’s Ranch Horseback Rides, 26540 N Scottsdale Road

As you visit the “West’s Most Western Town,” it only seems appropriate that you participate in an authentic cowboy experience, that of a horseback trail ride. This is actually a year-round adventure, but in the summer months, the trail rides will only take place at sunrise or sunset. Early rising is a must for playing outdoors in the hottest months of summer, but when you are ambling through the Sonoran Desert astride a gentle steed, we don’t think you will mind the early hours.

Watch the Diamondbacks Play from Chase Field, 401 E Jefferson Street in Phoenix

Ok, this next adventure is technically a PHOENIX outdoor adventure, but the ballpark is only 12.5 miles from Old Town Scottsdale, and the stadium features a retractable dome roof while also offering air conditioning. Could there be any finer way to celebrate the season than by watching the boys of summer play their hearts out? We don’t think so!

Family Barbecue, Poolside in Your I Love Scottsdale Vacation Sanctuary

We did mention the importance of a pool as the temperatures rise, and even as you may be adding heat to the fire while grilling your favorite meats, being able to jump into the crystal-clear waters of a pool will help keep your core temperature down to a manageable and enjoyable level!

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Fall Starts Late in the Desert

Sometimes it can be frustrating for our hometown desert dwellers to be watching commercials for sweaters and bonfires and then we walk outside to temps that are still in the triple digits, but our visitors from colder climates heartily approve of the extended summer vibe! What little humidity that has hung around during monsoon season, however, will have drifted away, and when the sun sets, the evenings truly begin to feel wonderful, and these outdoor adventures are designed to make the most out of the shorter and cooler days of fall.

Chaparral Park, 5401 Hayden Road

Chaparral Park consumes some 100 acres of desert landscape and includes a 10-acre lake that is stocked with fish twice a month, ensuring your fishing adventures will be successful ones. Stocked with trout from October through March and catfish from April to July and September and October, there is no better way to celebrate the sun and a dream Arizona vacation than by spending a few precious hours pitting your wits against hungry fish. There are limits to what you can bring home, and fishing licenses must be obtained for anglers 10 and up, but we can promise that a good time will still be had. Also offering a dog park, if you have chosen one of our pet friendly rentals, the park is a great place to help your sweet fur baby release any excess energy.

Troon North Golf Club, 10320 E Dynamite Boulevard

As the season progresses, dreams of long days spent on the green grass of any of our Scottsdale courses will come true. Troon North, of course, offers the penultimate in golf adventures, and as you zip around the immaculately groomed landscape, the Sonoran Desert will offer a ruggedly beautiful backdrop to your favorite sport. With two courses to choose from, Monument and Pinnacle, the only thing better than spending the day chasing that dimpled white ball around will be bragging about the hole in one you scored at the Dynamite Grill at the end of play. Just be warned, tradition has it that whoever hits a hole in one has to buy drinks for everyone, so maybe it won’t be a bad thing to not play so well!

Saguaro Lake Marina, 14011 N Bush Highway

As summer extends into fall, boating on Saguaro Lake can be one of the activities that brings you the most joy during your fall getaway in Scottsdale. Technically, this lake resides within the city limits of Mesa, but the road trip takes visitors through some of the area’s most beautiful landscapes, and although there are more than a few boat rental places in the area, you will probably appreciate not having to maneuver a trailer and boat around hairpin curves in the mountainous terrain that leads to the lake. The Marina offers rentals year-round and is open 7 days a week from 8:30 AM until 4 PM. Spend your day fishing, waterskiing, or just relaxing in the serenity that accompanies all large bodies of water and when you are hungry, dock your boat in front of Shiprock Restaurant, enjoying stunning views with your burger and fries!

A Winter Wonderland

When you first experience Scottsdale in the winter, you will rethink the term winter wonderland altogether. With daylight temps ranging between 60 to 80 degrees, depending how late in the season you visit, you will want every adventure to be an outdoor one. Don’t be surprised if you happen to see that some of our deciduous trees are finally turning fall colors, even in the middle of winter, because just like fall, winter also arrives late. This next list of outdoor adventures are destined to be the ones you will wish never had to end.

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Time for a Hike

The sun is shining, and the temperatures are practically perfect, which means that it is time to hit the hiking trails. Whether you are exploring the trails of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve or are looking forward to conquering the challenging Camelback Mountain (You won’t have trouble recognizing which mountain is Camelback; it’s the one that looks like a camel resting under the desert sun!), there really is no better way to fall in love with the beauty of the Scottsdale landscape than with a nice long hike on a perfect winter day.

Topgolf Scottsdale, 9500 Talking Stick Way

Don’t have the time to spend the entire day on the courses of Scottsdale? Topgolf combines the fun of a sports bar with the thrill of hitting a golf bar and is a great date night option. (Date nights can be enjoyed on vacations too, you know!) Offering a full bar and restaurant, hanging out here will be a highlight of your Arizona adventures. And if it’s raining? Unless there is a major winter storm with lightning and high winds, you can safely play as badly needed rains soak the arid desert landscape. FYI, this high-tech golf game is addictive, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself returning more than once.

Phoenix Waste Management Open, TPC Scottsdale, 17020 Hayden Road

Not all adventures have to be ones in which you participate. Consider watching from the sidelines as your favorite golfers play for the win! The Phoenix Waste Management Open is a PGA event that takes place in Scottsdale every year, generally right around the Super Bowl, and as you follow the professionals through the most beautiful landscape in the state, be sure to spend some time at the 16th hole, perhaps the rowdiest hole in the entire PGA. This was where Tiger Woods made a hole in one back in 1997. The crowds went wild and have stayed wild even as nearly 25 years have passed since that fateful shot.

When It’s Springtime in Arizona

As we grow ever closer to the end of our Arizona outdoor adventures list, we have to tell you that spring is probably our favorite season of all. This is another perfect time to hike along the trails that are so popular in the winter months, checking out a desert that is full of color as the wildflowers bloom wildly. Even the cacti that we are famous for will bloom, with the saguaro’s bloom (our state flower) presenting a cheerful white contrast to the green structure, the barrel cactus offering a variety of colors, and the prickly pear also providing a variety of colors as well as a fruit that is used in margaritas, candies, and a variety of other sweet treats.

Desert Biking

Beautiful days and miles of trails make mountain biking a popular winter and spring sport, and since we doubt you have carried your own mountain bike in your luggage, a visit to REI Co-op Adventure Center Arizona will solve your problem, allowing you to rent a bike and the equipment you need to stay safe. Located at 17465 N 93rd Street, they also offer tours for those who are unsure about exploring bike trails alone. If you are venturing out into the desert by yourself, they can also provide maps to trails such as the Corral Loop at Brown’s Ranch and Granite Mountain from 136th Street Trail.

Cactus League Spring Training

Spring Training is a big deal in the Phoenix area, and the Cactus League is home to 15 Major League Baseball teams, playing in 10 different stadiums all over the valley. The Arizona Diamondbacks are our hometown heroes, but other major teams, including the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds, make the Valley of the Sun their springtime home.

All the Adventures Start and Finish with I Love Scottsdale

There aren’t enough words to describe all the things you can do during your Scottsdale getaway, no matter what season you are planning on being in Arizona. All the adventures you can enjoy, however, will start and finish in the most comfortable of ways when you choose I Love Scottsdale for your Arizona abode. Reserve your favorite sanctuary today!

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