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In the online world we live in today, the standard mall has all but disappeared. It is far too easy to pull up a website, sipping wine as we shop, and wait for the goods to appear at our doorstep, and as such, the stores we used to hang out in as teens are one by one letting their staff go and pulling their gates closed for the last time, leaving the massive structures in which they stood standing empty. Scottsdale Fashion Square, however, is an anomaly in this new world, thriving while others have failed and continuing to draw shoppers in, as the regular malls have pushed them away. Offering a luxury we crave, the restaurants that stand levels above all others, and continually adapting and innovating to create the spaces we can’t stay away from, this mall offers nearly two million square feet of beauty, charm, and grace and makes the perfect accompaniment to your Scottsdale vacation spent luxuriating in our I Love Scottsdale luxury havens!  

Located at 7014 E. Camelback Road in Scottsdale 

In 1961, the youngest president (John F. Kennedy) was administered his oath of office, West Side Story was playing at the cinema, and Fashion Square in Scottsdale opened its doors. Originally a simple three-story, open-air mall, we don’t know if they ever even considered that it would morph into the fashion blockbuster that it is today, but we have to assume its owners must have quickly realized they had something special! Today, there are over 50 luxury stores that make their home inside the mall, ensuring that Scottsdale shoppers can easily find the cocktail gown they need for their upcoming gala, that their husbands can dress like a boss as they move into stratospheric levels of success at their place of business, and that their teens will not have to be ashamed of wearing something that is not name brand when they head to their private school each morning. 

But its more than just a mall for the locals; it’s a place that visitors add to the top of their itinerary, understanding that this may be the only time they can walk into a shop where red carpet matches the soles of arguably the most famous shoes in the world. We all watch the Oscars every year, but it isn’t the movies that fascinate us, it is the clothing, the shoes, the jewelry that each actor and actress is draped in that has staring at the screen, sipping champagne and eating hors d’oeuvres as if we were there, and although we may never have our own chance to walk down that red carpet, we can shop in many of the same stores they have, perhaps purchasing a small bauble from Cartier, a scarf from Gucci, or even a key chain from Louis Vuitton, if our bank accounts don’t allow us loftier purchases! Scottsdale Fashion Mall keeps up with the luxurious standards of the rich and famous, and during your explorations of its floor plan, you may even catch a glimpse of your favorite movie star, athlete, or performer dipping into the Rolex store for a new timepiece, flipping through the gowns in Versace, or adding more ice to their collection with a visit to Tiffany’s. All of these stores and so many more hold places of honor in this unforgettable mall that actually serves as a shopping experience. 

Time to Dine 

Scottsdale is known as being a town for foodies, and Scottsdale Fashion Square hosts many of its best restaurants! Maybe you need a pick-me-up after walking all those miles of the mall, and a quick stop in the Nieman Marcus Café can provide the sustenance you need, as well as a glass of wine, beer, or a tasty cocktail to add to your shopping experience. Coffee from Starbucks is as important as the water you carry with you on a hike along Tom’s Thumb Trail, and of course, Starbucks has a place of honor in Scottsdale Fashion Square. But it is the restaurants in the outlying buildings, still considered a part of the mall while remaining somewhat separate, that will fill your stomach, feed your soul, and provide the opportunity to see and be seen! Enjoy sushi from Nobu or steaks from Ocean 44 and enjoy an haute cuisine dining experience that will never fail to impress. The international tastes of Zinqué bring a taste of Paris to the desert while the authentic flavors of modern Mexico serves as our comfort food at Tocaya Modern Mexican!  

Luxury Matters 

Your escape to our hometown promises to be filled with luxury and style, especially when every day begins and ends in our I Love Scottsdale luxury hideaways! Offering comfort that will be much appreciated after spending many hours on your feet at Scottsdale Fashion Mall, and modern amenities that will spoil, our homes offer the perfect spaces for those who believe that luxury matters. Contact us and reserve your favorite today!