4th of July Rentals in Scottsdale

4th of July doesn’t always involve a three-day weekend, but it does give most people an extra paid day off, making it the ideal time to plan a vacation. The kids are out of school and all roads lead to Scottsdale to celebrate the most patriotic of holidays, and our I Love Scottsdale holiday hideaways are waiting to bring you comfort, luxury, and a coolness you will appreciate on this warm and wonderful summer day. Independence Day is one of our favorite holidays, and because it is yours too, your time in the desert will bring you joy and fun. And as you watch the fireworks shows, shop the 4th of July sales, and perhaps enjoy an ice cream from the Sugar Bowl right here in Scottsdale, coming home to our Arizona sanctuaries will be the highlight of your vacation, providing all the luxuries you deserve and all the comforts you need. This guide to the best vacation homes and condos in the Valley of the Sun will give you a little something to look forward to in the days to come.

Red, White, and Wonderful

We celebrate every color in the décor of our welcoming havens and although most won’t offer an Americana design, these all American spaces will serve as the perfect retreat for your 4th of July escape to Scottsdale. Living rooms with comfy couches facing fireplaces (that you definitely won’t use in the summer!) and state-of-the-art televisions (that you probably will spend some time in front of!) and ceiling fans whirling overhead, ensuring that even as the mercury rises, you will be as cool and comfortable as you want to be right there on the couch. Arizonans celebrate 4th of July in a big way, but when you step outside into the large backyards of our private homes, you may just be tempted to stay here and play on America’s birthday. Offering swimming pools and hot tubs, outdoor kitchens and firepits, and a variety of ways to play, relax, and rejoice in all that makes our country great!

The tour of our interior spaces continues with a visit to the dining rooms where large tables are surrounded with enough seats for every seat in your traveling party. Here is where games will be played, meals will be devoured, and quiet moments will be spent with cups of coffee and a smile on your face. The kitchens of our I Love Scottsdale havens are modern and cheerful and all your favorite holiday foods will be easily prepared within. The potato salad recipe from your grandma, the no bake red, white, and blue cake you saw in a magazine once and made your own, even your favorite 4th of July cocktails will be made here, ensuring that all your favorite holiday traditions will not be forgotten. If you don’t feel like fighting holiday traffic, quite often you will be able to enjoy a fireworks show from the front or back patios of your home sweet vacation home, sipping Bomb Cocktails—red, white, and blue cocktails that resemble the rocket pops you used to buy from the ice cream man back in the day! It may not be the official show, but fireworks are legal at the holidays, and many of your neighbors will probably be enjoying the freedom of setting them off on this, the perfect day to do so.

After the last colorful ash has drifted to the ground and the scent of sulfur wafts through the air, your thoughts may turn to the comfortable beds that are waiting for you in our peaceful bedroom retreats. These rooms are designed for sleep, from their neutral decors to the silky bedding, every minute spent inside will be your favorite. Slide between the linens, propping yourself against the headboards, and watch a little television before you drift off into sweet oblivion. Perhaps a hot bath will help you relax and prepare for sleep and many of the master suites will provide ensuite bathrooms with deep soaking tubs, walk in showers, and updated fixtures. Turn your phone to your favorite streaming music channel, pour yourself your favorite beverage, and slip into the depths of the warm water, relaxing with a good book and a restful attitude.

Celebrating in Scottsdale

As we said earlier, 4th of July in Scottsdale is a big deal and our celebrations offer all the proof you need! With multiple fireworks shows being offered in Scottsdale alone, you still may want to sneak over the border to Phoenix and catch one of the biggest fireworks shows in the state, the Fabulous Phoenix Fourth, and be entertained by live music, delicious foods, and of course, a fireworks show that never fails to elicit oohs and ahhs from the audience!

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