Winter Guide to Scottsdale

As you stare out your window at a landscape filled with slush, snow, and ice with the sky looming over it in a kaleidoscope of gloom and gray, you may be thinking to yourself there has to be something better than this winter experience. You are tired of not feeling your toes and fingers when you have to go outside, and the heater is drying your skin and hair as well as causing your utility bills to go sky high. We at I Love Scottsdale, however, are here to tell you there is something different, something better, and if you have an opening in your schedule, a vacation to our favorite place in the world should be on your itinerary. We are, of course, talking about a visit to the West’s Most Western Town, a place where the sun shines 330 days out of the year and where the winter months are the ones we look forward to every year! This guide to winter in Scottsdale only gets better when you realize that you will be coming home to the comforts and luxuries found in our I Love Scottsdale winter rentals every day of your stay.

Our Guide to Scottsdale Winter

With temperatures reaching up to 70 degrees, winter in Scottsdale is our favorite time to get outside and the opportunities for a hike are plentiful! The Brown’s Ranch trails, once an area that was farmed by the Hohokam that later became a cattle farm owned by the Brown family and today is a series of trails with unbelievable views. The remains of the ranch house and chicken coops can be spotted, offering a unique photo opportunity for all that pass by, and as you stop to take a gulp out of your water bottle and examine the stone ruins more closely, if you listen closely you may hear the whispers and laughter of the families that lived and worked here. If not, it’s ok, the trail provides a beautiful gateway into the McDowell Mountain Preserve and the sun shining down on your shoulders will keep the smile pasted on your face!

A View from Above

There are multiple ways to enjoy bird’s eye views of Scottsdale and its surrounding towns and deserts, including a hike up Camelback Mountain, but we think the easiest and most graceful adventures are those enjoyed from one of the baskets of a hot air balloon! Rainbow Ryders Hot Air Balloon Co is a popular local business offering sunrise and sunset balloon rides that never fail to impress. Providing the perfect opportunity to pop any important questions you may have, the sunset rides are only available from November through March, so night owls will be visiting at the ideal time, not having to get up early to enjoy a flight through the desert!


As you might expect, 330 days of sunshine and very few rainy days ensures that Scottsdale—the entire Phoenix Metropolitan area actually—is a golfer’s paradise, and if you happen to enjoy golfing where the giants golf, (Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and today’s king of the course, Brooks Koepka to name a view) there will be plenty of opportunities to get behind the wheel of a golf cart during your stay! Grayhawk Golf Club, tucked into the base of the mountains and offering two courses guaranteed to keep your interest is a popular local course, but perhaps the most popular, TPC Scottsdale, will be the course you most want to tee off from! Home to the Phoenix Waste Management Open held in February of most years, this course has a long and rich history and is where the rowdiest hole in golf takes place. (Tiger Woods sunk a hole in one on the 16th hole all the way back in 1997, and pandemonium has ensued nearly every year since!)

Cars, Horses, Western Parades, and Super Bowl LVII

The Barrett Jackson Auto Auction in January, the Arabian Horse Show and the historic Parada Del Sol Parade in February are three more major events that take place in the glory days of winter and are events that should not be missed! Winter is our favorite time for all these reasons, and if you can extend your stay to include all three, you can consider this winter a success. Also, and this is for Scottsdale winter visitors in 2023 only, Super Bowl LVII (57) will be held at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale and there promises to be a host of Super Bowl activities taking place that weekend! (February 12 is Super Bowl Day!)

Come Home to I Love Scottsdale

As you spend your days shopping, hiking, exploring the wonders that make up our western town, coming home every night to our I Love Scottsdale seasonal sanctuaries promises to be the highlight of your trip. Sleep with the windows open, reveling in the cool night air, watch the big games on state of the art televisions, and reheat your leftovers from local restaurants in our fully equipped kitchens! Maybe you will even get the opportunity to swim, as many of our pools can be heated for an extra fee. Reserve your favorite today!

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