Spring Guide to Scottsdale

Every season is the best season for an Arizona vacation, and as we enter spring, the season of promise, we at I Love Scottsdale can promise that this Scottsdale getaway will be one you wished never had to end! In the early days of the season, the temperatures are nicely cool, and the breezes (brought about by a scientific phenomenon that we can’t even begin to explain, let alone understand) add a joyous feel to every day. Scottsdale and the surrounding cities and towns shine a little more brightly in the spring, as we know that these beautiful days will soon turn to the scorching hot days of summer, and we rush to get in as much outdoor time as possible. This Scottsdale travel guide to spring will help convince you that there is no place else you would rather be, especially as promises of comfort and luxury are kept in our Scottsdale accommodations!

Our Scottsdale Travel Guide

The beautifully consistent weather in Arizona makes it the perfect location for our favorite boys of summer to get back in shape, and the Cactus League makes Scottsdale a very popular spring destination indeed! The biggies of baseball can be seen practicing their stuff in very intimate surroundings, giving visitors the opportunity to feel as if they know the players personally. 15 teams total, ranging from the Arizona Diamondbacks (of course!) to the Texas Rangers make the desert their home every March. The Chicago Cubs even play in a park designed to be a miniature Wrigley Field, called Sloan Park, which is named after the products that have been in Wrigley Field since the early 1900s. The ballparks are spread out all over the valley, but if you don’t want to leave Scottsdale (not many do!) the Colorado Rockies are based at the Salt River Fields and the San Francisco Giants play from the Scottsdale Stadium.

Get Married

June can be a little warm for an outdoor wedding making spring the perfect time to say I Do in the Desert and there are a lot of beautiful venues that provide a beautiful setting for your special day. Cloth & Flame, however, takes your wedding day to the next level, offering ceremony options in the most beautiful spots in Arizona. Celebrate in the shadows of the majestic mountains that surround our valley, saying your vows under one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, and party the night away in a twinkly desert paradise; our I Love Scottsdale love nests make the perfect honeymoon cottages to return to at the end of your perfect day!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Spring is a beautiful time to explore the Phoenix Zoo, (located not far from your I Love Scottsdale escape!) and because it is also the time when mamas of all species are giving birth to their littles, it is a fabulous time to see some baby animals! We are especially excited that after being closed for a couple of years due to the pandemic, Monkey Village reopened in September of 2022. The antics of the monkeys bring joy to our lives but nothing makes us happier than spending a lazy spring day visiting all the animals of the zoo! If you add it to your itinerary, please be sure to stop by the tiger’s den and say hello to Joanne and Raja, their beautiful Sumatran tigers!

A Taste of Scottsdale

Your favorite activities just may be the ones that take place at the dinner table, and although our I Love Scottsdale homes and condos provide fully equipped kitchens, you must plan a visit to Los Olivos Mexican Patio. Located at 7328 E 2nd Street in Scottsdale and serving authentic Mexican food in totally casual surroundings, you will test your willpower with baskets of warm tortilla chips and bowls of spicy salsa! Another Mexican restaurant that deserves acknowledgement and props even though it isn’t located in Scottsdale, Rio Rico Mexican Grill located at 929 North Val Vista Drive in nearby Gilbert serves the best guacamole in the region and is worthy of a visit or two.

Promises Kept

After every adventure, every exotic meal, and every gorgeous sunset, coming home to the beauty of our I Love Scottsdale seasonal sanctuaries will be yet another example of the promise of spring. Luxurious and yet comfortable enough to make you feel as if you have walked into the home of someone you love very much, every minute spent on your Scottsdale getaway with us will be your favorite! Raise a toast to those sunsets on patios and balconies offering the best views on chilly spring nights. Simmer in a hot tub, swim in heated pools, and relax in all the ways you never seem to manage in your own midwestern home! Reserve your favorite today!

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