Fall Guide to Scottsdale

Fall looks a little different in the desert. As a matter of fact, you may be surprised to discover that it looks and feels a lot more like summer in Scottsdale and if you are dreading the appearance of the colder months in your hometown, a visit here is destined to be the perfect way to extend your summer months. Warm weather, cool nights, and a variety of pools in our vacation rentals in Scottsdale draw in travelers across the world and if you are worried about not getting your pumpkin spice latte, don’t. You can always enjoy it iced instead! This Scottsdale guide to the Fall season will help build up the anticipation to your trip of a lifetime!

Our Scottsdale Guide

There is no better way to get to know the region you are visiting than with a shopping expedition at the local Farmer’s Market and although 90 degree temperatures may feel more like summer to you, dropping below the triple digit mark is worth celebrating to us, so October is when it opens again! Offering local produce, baked goods, and a variety of arts and crafts items that you won’t be able to resist, the perfect fall weekend starts with this exciting Farmers Market! Located at 3806 N Brown Avenue and open from 8 AM until 1 PM on Saturdays only, it can still get warmer closer to the middle of the day, so we recommend getting up early for this fun event!

Scottsdale Art Walk, Thursday Evenings

Ok, this activity is a weekly one all through the year, but there is something special about exploring the galleries that fill our city in weather that doesn’t require a personal fan. Taking place every Thursday from 7 to 9, the Scottsdale Art Walk gives you a sneak preview of new exhibits opening, live entertainment, and the opportunity to meet some of Arizona’s most talented artists. If you happen to find the perfect piece of art for the wall above your sofa in the process, we don’t think you will complain!

Work on That Tan

The summer tan you built so carefully is starting to fade, but the pools in our I Love Scottsdale homes and condos provide a way to keep it fresh for a little while longer! You don’t have to spend every day of your desert vacation hiking, shopping, or exploring the area; instead take at least one day to stay home and enjoy the beauty of a fall day in the desert! Plan a pool party for the family, perhaps stopping by Whole Foods, 7111 E Mayo Boulevard, and picking up some of your favorite meats to grill on the shiny barbecues that may also be found in the walled in backyards of your seasonal sanctuary! Stream your favorite music stations (high-speed internet will ensure a virtually glitch-free show of 80s rock!) slather on the sun screen and take the break you so richly deserve.

Follow the Scottsdale Wine and Ale Trails

A sunny day and a glass of wine or mug of beer belong together and both of these “trails” are ones we encourage you to check out during your days of leisure in Scottsdale! The Wine Trail will take you to some of the yummiest tasting rooms in town and the Ale Trail embraces the newfound popularity of craft beers. Download either (or both!) and plan for beautiful day of sipping and savoring as you ride share from spot to spot!

Falling in Love with I Love Scottsdale

However you spend these fall days of your Scottsdale vacation, spending the nights in comfort and style will be the highlights of your desert adventures! Offering homes that reflect the beauty of the Southwest and condos that offer access to all community amenities, every moment inside will be filled with luxury and comfort. Living rooms and theater rooms feature super-sized televisions with pictures so clear it will feel as if you are a part of the action on the screen. Modern kitchens provide name brand appliances and a joyous ambiance, bedrooms are tranquil and lush, and bathrooms are spacious and spa-like. Soak in fragrant waters with soft music playing in the background and a glass of wine from that bottle you bought on the wine trail. Sit out by the pool listening to the sounds of the night and remember the delicious feeling of being 100 percent in the moment. And gather around large tables with the family, playing board games, discussing the day’s adventures, or devouring a giant pizza from Oregano’s (oh how we love their pesto pizza!) that will add flavor to your getaway.

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