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Watching a movie can be the ultimate in lazy day pleasures, especially with a visit to a dark and cool movie theater, something we at I Love Scottsdale can really appreciate. The taste of popcorn dripping with butter, an icy cold soda washing each kernel down, and the sights and sounds of the action on the really big screen playing out in front of us. Some theaters today even go the extra step, supplying food, not just snacks, and adult beverages that just make everything seem more magical. And during your vacation to Scottsdale and your stay in our own magical sanctuaries, you can repeat this pleasure as often as you like, with no bosses demanding you get back to work, no chores needing to be done, and no pressing matters to keep you otherwise engaged. This guide to our Scottsdale movie theaters will give you some great places to start!

Landmark Scottsdale Quarter Theater, 15257 N Scottsdale Road

In the world of megaplexes, Landmark Scottsdale Quarter Theater still manages to hold on to the more intimate experiences of days gone by while also providing the latest in electronics to ensure that your movie going experience is unforgettable! Offering eight screens, the Landmark is proud to offer new releases, but its special screenings (The Taylor Swift Eras Tour will soon be playing on the big screen.) and its retro days offer a unique charm that movie buffs will love. At Halloween, they usually offer a late-night screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and because your comfort matters, recliners will make you feel right at home. Also offering a full bar with wine, beer, and movie-themed cocktails, the Landmark really does have it all!

Roadhouse Cinema Dine In Theater, 9090 E Talking Stick Way

As you might have already guessed, Roadhouse Cinema offers a full menu of delicious foods to enjoy during your escape into the magical world of movies, but it offers so much more. In the fall and winter months their open-air cinema experience brings the excitement of the big screen outside into the beauty of a desert night, inviting guests to enjoy special screenings on Saturday nights and providing a romantic date night for young couples of all ages. (Bringing a blanket on cooler nights adds to the experience.) Also offering three smaller screening rooms that can be rented for parties or events, this comfortable Scottsdale theater (all seats are recliners inside the theater) provides happy hour specials and a full bar for the ultimate movie watching experiences!

Harkins Scottsdale 101 14, 7000 East Mayo Boulevard

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the megaplex, and our Harkins Scottsdale 101 14 offers all the proof you need! Providing 14 screens which increases your opportunity to watch the movie you have been dying to see exponentially, its state-of-the-art electronics will help you lose yourself in the magic even more, especially on the Valley’s only full-sized IMAX screen. Luxury seating, a full bar, and the Harkins Play Center (not always open, so check before you go if this amenity is important to you) allows the kiddos to enjoy a night at the movies even more. Tuesday night classic movie nights are always fun, and even though this megaplex is ultra-modern and exciting, you are still doing your part to help the economy by shopping small business; Harkins Theaters have been privately owned since the Harkins family opened their first theater all the way back in 1940.

West Wind Glendale 9 Drive In, 5650 N 55th Avenue in Glendale

For this last Scottsdale theater, we are leaving the boundaries of our hometown, determined to give our guests an experience that many think has long disappeared from the landscape of American cities: the drive-in theater! West Wind Glendale 9, located just a short 30 minute drive away from your luxurious Scottsdale escape, offers the thrill of watching movies outdoors, while remaining as comfortable as possible in your car. It features Tuesday night Family Nights, digital movies that you listen to from your radio, play areas and arcade games for the kiddos, and fully stocked concession stand that will not do your diet any favors but will definitely make your taste buds cheer loudly. This all-American experience brings viewers back to the simpler times of an age we thought had vanished completely while still managing to stay fully modern, and the movies shown are always first runs!

The Magic of I Love Scottsdale

The movies you watch in our luxury havens may not offer screens even close to the size of the IMAX Scottsdale movie theater and will probably not be able to be watched outside, (with a few exceptions!) but the magic of the movies can be enjoyed in comfort and style on state-of-the-art televisions that are in rooms that are overloaded with comfort. Reserve your favorite escape today!

FAQs About Scottsdale Movie Theaters

  • I like the idea of a Dine-In Theater, but don’t want to pay for a movie that has been out for a while. Does Roadhouse Theater show releases?

    Although it is always a good time to see an old movie, the movies being shown at the Roadhouse are generally new releases.

  • I don’t want to go to a theater, but I do want to watch a movie. Are the televisions in your vacation rentals large ones?

    Texas doesn’t have a stranglehold on big, and our Scottsdale homes will offer thoroughly modern state-of-the-art televisions in not just the living rooms, but often in the bedrooms as well.

  • It sure gets cold after the sun sets. Do any of your rentals offer fireplaces in the bedrooms?

    Not all of our homes offer fireplaces, and those that do mostly only offer ones in the living rooms, but some will offer the luxury of a fireplace in the bedroom.

  • Does the city of Scottsdale hold any film festivals?

    The Scottsdale International Film Festival, founded in 2001, is one of the states most attended festivals, with many of the movies being shown in many of the theaters we have talked about here.