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Railways aren’t really used for transportation much anymore, but they still retain the magic of the days when they were THE way to get from point A to point B. The sights of the landscape flying past in a blur, the sounds of the wheels rolling against the metal rails of the track, and the occasional mournful wail of its siren announcing the arrival at railroad crossings—the entire experience is filled with romance and charm, and if you and your family want to get a deeper understanding of its appeal, the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, located at 7301 E Indian Bend Road, will bring the magic back to life! Train lovers of all ages will love the excitement found at this unique park, and when you head to bed in your I Love Scottsdale comfortable sanctuary after a long day of play, dreams of the beautiful carousel will fill your night.

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What Once Was a Ranch

The McCormick Ranch, owned and developed by John D. Rockefeller’s last grandson, Fowler McCormick, was a sprawling one that spread out over seven square miles of prime Scottsdale land, although today most of it has been converted to homes. McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park is the exception, enjoying an opening day in October of 1975 and bringing many decades of fun to residents and visitors from all over the world. A pint-sized train winds its way around the park, thrilling riders that range from pint-sized humans to full on adults, and a beautifully restored carousel from the 50s provides a magical experience to all who ride it. Offering over a century of railroad history, the Pullman car and Merci Train boxcar preside over the fun being had. The newest addition to the park, a 10,000-square-foot model railway building, has to be seen to be fully appreciated, representing a way of life that is no longer the norm. Playgrounds, picnic tables, and during the holiday season, Christmas lights, ensure that the McCormick Railroad Park is our favorite way to play on a beautiful day in the desert, and we think it will be your favorite attraction as well!

The Beauty of Home

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FAQs About McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

  • What makes McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park different than a normal park?

    This park pays homage to the first mechanical mode of transportation, offering a museum, full sized train cars, and even a stunning model railroad display that will fascinate train buffs of all ages and generations.

  • Does the park offer a playground?

    Perhaps the only regular park amenity are the two playgrounds that will be difficult for parents to pull their children away from. Sticking with the train theme, a pint-sized jungle gym is shaped like a locomotive and adds a perfect photo opportunity for proud parents and fun-loving kiddos.

  • Do your I Love Scottsdale vacation homes offer playgrounds in their backyard?

    Although there aren’t any playgrounds, so to speak, the backyards of our homes will provide many amenities that the entire family will enjoy. Crystal-clear swimming pools, putting greens, even in one memorable case, a toddler-sized chess board. And when we say toddler-sized, we mean the pieces are just about the size of your favorite 3-year-old traveler.

  • Speaking of toddlers, my youngest watches Thomas the Tank Engine over and over again and will not be happy if he can’t watch it on vacation. Are there DVRs in any of your homes?

    Each home offers something different for the enjoyment of guests, and if the home you rent doesn’t offer a DVR, chances are there will be smart TVs in the living rooms and bedrooms on which you should be able to find Thomas shows.