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Frank Lloyd Wright was a prolific architect who changed the landscape of American architecture, looking at the art of building in a completely new way. Building homes all over America, his legacy is in the 511 homes he designed, one very important example of which lies right here in Scottsdale. Taliesin West, located at 12621 N Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard, is a sprawling building that was designed to look as if it was a natural part of the desert landscape and was used as his winter home, design studio, and architectural school during the latter part of his life. This quick peek will ensure that a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West is added to your bucket list during your vacation of a lifetime in the West’s Most Western Town!

No Cookie Cutter Homes

A lot of thought went into the design of every Frank Lloyd Wright home, as his were organic designs built to fit into the landscape upon which the structure would rest. Taliesin West is lies low to the ground, its buildings filled with glass and built with desert materials comprised of stone and sand. The interiors of this important piece of architecture are left as Wright planned, offering a peek into the world as he knew it, and the tours that lead guests through are filled with information that is extremely fascinating. At first, there were no windows, as Frank wanted Taliesin to be one with nature, but after more than a few desert storms, his wife found a way to convince him that glass is important, and your guide will be happy to share THAT story with you! The furnishings inside are all Frank Lloyd Wright designed, and the shop at the end of the tour is filled with beautiful pieces you will want to make your own.

Arizona sunset A Scottsdale sunset
Today, Taliesin West is the home of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, and throughout the year there are various events that take place on the property that are fun and unique. Their Sunsets and Sips events take place on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, beginning in October and ending in May. Providing another fantastic way to enjoy the stunning beauty of an Arizona sunset and the wonders of his home, guests can sip their favorite beverages, explore the pathways that surround Taliesin, and even visit select interior areas of the property!

From Frank’s Home to Ours

We aren’t going to pretend that our I Love Scottsdale properties are equal in importance to Taliesin West, but we will promise that the furnishings are a lot more comfortable, and the style is more than a bit more modern! If you’re looking to spoil yourself on your next vacation, take a look at our luxury rentals in Scottsdale that will elevate your experience. Contact us to reserve your favorite escape today!

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FAQs About Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

  • Did Frank Lloyd Wright actually live in Scottsdale?

    Not only did America’s most famed architect make his home here in the desert, but he also built a school of architecture known as Taliesin West, which is practically a twin to Taliesin East. located in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

  • What is a fun fact about Frank Lloyd Wright?

    If you take a tour of Taliesin West, the knowledgeable guides will let you in on many fun facts, but our favorite has always been the one about his dislike of windows in the desert. Originally Taliesin was built without windows, remaining open to desert weather and creatures, but after an argument with his wife after a summer monsoon, he finally decided to add windows to his structure.

  • Do you offer any Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes?

    The great architect did not design any of our homes, but we do offer some special mid-century modern escapes that offer much of the same design aesthetic for which he was known.

  • Does I Love Scottsdale offer any homes outside of Scottsdale?

    Even as our last name is Scottsdale, we offer homes in some of the towns that surround Scottsdale, including Phoenix and Cave Creek. If we don’t offer a home in the town you are interested in exploring, we can promise that town will be located just a short drive away, making it easy to reach.