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The magical beauty of a butterfly is something for which we all pause to get a closer look, no matter our age, and during your upcoming visit to Scottsdale, you and your family will have the opportunity to witness an entire kaleidoscope of the whimsical creatures! Butterfly Wonderland, located at 9500 East Vía de Ventura F100, is a butterfly habitat guests can walk through and explore, adding a magical ambience to your Arizona getaway. Spend an enchanting afternoon lost in the color and ethereal beauty of these charming creatures, and don’t be surprised if your dreams that night are filled with butterflies flitting about as you sleep deeply in the beds in our I Love Scottsdale sanctuaries!

The Conservatory

If you have never visited a butterfly conservatory before, prepare to be amazed as you enter the rainforest conservatory in which thousands of butterflies from all over the world make their home. Coming from over 70 countries and just waiting to take a ride on your shoulder as you explore their home, these unique creatures have a thousand stories to tell, and as they dance and fly about the conservatory, the peace and joy they bring are destined to change the vibe of your vacation. Home to the largest Butterfly Emergence Gallery in the nation, children and adults alike are charmed by the transformations from caterpillar to chrysalis to beautiful butterfly that happens on a regular basis in Butterfly Wonderland. Also offering a koi pond filled with colorful fish and a stunning selection of flowers and plants, off which the butterflies feed, if you did nothing else during your Scottsdale travels, we think you would be quite content!

butterfly with white spots a monarch butterfly

Bringing the Magic to Life

A 3D Theater brings the magic of butterflies to life as it teaches viewers all about the lifespan of the butterfly; a short film titled Flight of the Bumblebees is always showing and is both informative and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time. And because it is important to understand how butterflies and honey bees are vital to our own survival, the Honey Bee Extravaganza provides an intriguing glance into the sweet and busy life of these stinging creatures as well. Also offering a reptile exhibit, a selection of arthropods guaranteed to fascinate, and an edible insects station filled with tasty treats, your visit to Butterfly Wonderland Scottsdale will be filled with fun from your first steps inside the conservatory to your final moments spent picking up memorabilia from the gift shop at the end of your visit!

The Beauty Continues

Come home to beautiful Scottsdale vacation homes after your butterfly adventures and enjoy more beauty and all the comforts that will make your travel to Scottsdale, AZ wonderful. If you’re looking for something with less space and more coziness, reserve your favorite Scottsdale vacation condos today!

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FAQs About Butterfly Wonderland In Scottsdale

  • What is Butterfly Wonderland?

    Located at 9500 East Vía de Ventura F100, Butterfly Wonderland is a sanctuary for the most beautifully colored and delicate creature of the world, the beautiful butterfly. Offering a rainforest experience in the heart of the desert, visitors will learn about the winged creatures, as well as explore exhibits that include a reptile habitat, honeybee extravaganza, and tropical waters of the world.

  • Do any of your I Love Scottsdale homes offer butterfly gardens?

    The bird of paradise, a flower native to Africa that does extremely well in our arid desert climate, can be found in the gardens of some of our Scottsdale sanctuaries, beckoning colorful butterflies that can add magic to your trip.

  • Did I really read that you can eat insects?

    In many countries, certain insects are considered delicacies, and one of the more unusual “exhibits” of Butterfly Wonderland is their Edible Insect Station, selling chocolate covered ants and scorpion lollipops that you will probably be tempted to take home with you as gifts for friends who weren’t able to join you on your Scottsdale vacation.

  • It was pretty muggy at the Wonderland, how can I get cool again in my I Love Scottsdale vacation rental?

    Although the desert heat is dry as opposed to the humid heat of Butterfly Wonderland, there will be plenty of ways to cool down once you return to your Scottsdale sanctuary. Air conditioning, of course, will definitely keep you cool inside, as will ceiling fans in nearly every room, and wine refrigerators that you have filled with chardonnay chilled to the perfect temperature. Outside, large crystal-clear pools will provide relief from the soaring temps as well as giving guests yet another way to have fun.