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Arizona is famous for its red rocks in Sedona, its Grand Canyon outside of Williams, and the mountains and deserts that can be found all over the state, but for those whose journeys are bringing them to Scottsdale, you may be wondering what there is to see there. Knowing what Scottsdale brings to the table is just one of the areas in which we at I Love Scottsdale shine—that, and the fact that we offer some of the finest vacation homes in the state, of course. This guide to your sightseeing journey to Scottsdale and your stay in our luxurious sanctuaries will give you a sneak peek into a vacation adventure you will never forget.

Day 1: Getting to Know Scottsdale

Scottsdale, the West’s Most Western Town, was incorporated as a town in the 1950s and has since grown in reputation, becoming one of the most exclusive boutique cities in the nation. Known for its championship golf courses, its high-end boutiques, and for being the winter home of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, (and we will go into more about that later down the page) the town has a lot to offer travelers from all over the world, and on your first day, a Segway tour may be the best way to get an idea of what the Scottsdale brings to visitors. Start out your morning with a hearty breakfast at the Daily Dose Old Town Bar & Grill, 4020 N Scottsdale Road, checking out the unique variety of omelets offered, and then take a tour of the city by Segway! Segway Tours of Scottsdale offers six different tours of the town, including a super fun Christmas Lights Tour at the holidays, promising an adventure you will wish never had to end, as well as offering a peek into some of the city’s most appealing attractions. Tours tend to take about 2 to 2.5 hours, leaving travelers with plenty of time to explore the wonders of Old Town on foot, perhaps choosing The Mission Old Town for an authentic Latin dinner to round off your first day in town.

Day 2: The Wonders of Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most impactive architects in the nation, and he loved Arizona—to be more precise, Scottsdale—almost as much as we do. You can’t travel far in the valley of the sun without coming across one of his structures, including the Gammage Auditorium in Tempe and the David & Gladys Wright house in Phoenix, but it is Taliesin West that is his most revered construction. Serving as not just his winter home, but an architecture school of great note, the building appears to spring forth from the land and until the 1940s, some 13+ years after construction. Today, it is still a school for architecture, but is also open for public tours, providing fascinating insight into his personality and talent. Open daily for tours starting at 10 AM, visitors can afford to sleep in a little and enjoy a quiet breakfast at home in their Scottsdale sanctuaries, saving their calories for a big steak dinner at Dominick’s Steakhouse at 15169 N. Scottsdale Road, located about 6 minutes away from the front door of Taliesin West.

Day 3: Family Fun Day

Vacationers traveling with children need to be able to find activities that appeal to people of all ages, and that isn’t always the easiest thing, but in Scottsdale it can be the norm. Starting out your day of family fun with a big breakfast from Butters Pancakes & Café, 8300 Hayden Rd f104, ensures that everyone will walk away happy, because who doesn’t like pancakes? (There are more traditional breakfasts on the menu as well, in case your answer was ME!)

From here, we are going to spend the morning enjoying the sea life at OdySea Aquarium, offering over 2,000,000 9500 East Vía de Ventura Suite A-100, which may seem like a strange choice for a desert vacation, but once inside we think you will agree that it was definitely the right one. From the sea we will head to the rainforests with a visit to Butterfly Wonderland, attached to OdySea, and if you aren’t charmed by the colorful and delicate creatures that land on your nose, shirts, and even heads, are you even human?

Lunch at Randy’s Ice Cream Restaurant, 7904 E Chaparral Road, is the perfect lead in to an afternoon in the park, and by park we mean the McCormick Stillman Railroad Park! Located at 7301 E Indian Bend Road, and offering trains large and small, this family activity may be the highlight of your vacation adventures in Scottsdale.

The Perfect Accompaniment to a Day of Scottsdale Sightseeing

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