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We at I Love Scottsdale believe that the best vacations are the ones where the entire family can be included, and as such, we offer a beautiful variety of pet-friendly sanctuaries to house your family, including the 4 legged members! The furriest children are often the best behaved and their loyalty is much appreciated, so why not reward them with an adventure that shows your love for them? All they ever want out of life is to be with us and as responsible adults, we leave them behind every day when we go to work and we farm them out with family members or strangers when we go on vacation, but this time will be different because you chose I Love Scottsdale! And because we don’t want you to have to just leave them behind while you are enjoying outside adventures, we have created this guide for a pet-friendly journey to Scottsdale!

Day 1: Fur Babies Welcomed!

Our fully equipped kitchens are there for you to use, but on your first day in the Valley of the Sun, why not begin your explorations of the culinary side of Scottsdale with a visit to Morning Squeeze? Located at 4233 N Scottsdale Road and offering an expansive patio that welcomes your pet as much as you love him, they are open every day for breakfast and lunch and offer a cocktail menu that includes your favorite breakfast cocktails, including mimosas and Bloody Marys! After your belly is full, you may want to head to Old Town Scottsdale for a day of fun and relaxation, with your leashed pup strolling happily beside you as you explore shops (most will let you and your baby come inside!), galleries, and from November through June, the occasional pop-up Farmers Market! Want to commemorate this amazing vacation with an unforgettable photo of the family? The Bronze Horse Fountain in the 5th Avenue Shopping District provides an incredible backdrop for your family photo opp!

Day 2: Exploring the Wild Side of Scottsdale

 Hiking is a popular activity in the Valley of the Sun and with over 330 days of sunshine, you will have plenty of opportunities to get out there and explore! Take a hike along the Sunrise Peak Trail with your leashed fur baby running alongside you and fall in love with the desert landscape and the views from the top. This is a trail that is best for experienced hikers and should not be attempted during the hotter months, but because of its difficulty level, will remain relatively uncrowded! For those who wish to try something a little (or a lot!) less difficult while staying on the theme of pet friendly, the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead offers fun for hikers of all experience levels! Offering shorter educational trails that your 2 legged kiddos will love, there are also restrooms and water fountains, ensuring an easy and fun day on the trail. No matter which trails you choose to explore, however, dogs must be leashed, hikers must come prepared with plenty of water, and if the temperatures are over 100 degrees? We love your fur baby and want to keep him safe and because of this, dogs are banned from the trails when temps reach the triple-digit marks!

Day 3: Did you Blink?

Time goes by in a blink and already, it is the last day of your 3 day pet-friendly journey to Scottsdale, so let’s make this one special, shall we? Dog Parks are popular in Scottsdale giving visitors many choices to go play with their furry children and there is sure to be at least one located near your I Love Scottsdale pet friendly sanctuary! Chapparal Dog Park, 5401 N Hayden Road, offers over 3 acres of grassy places to play and includes benches for their humans to relax on, agility tunnels, and dog water fountains.

Divided into 3 separate play areas, one area is for active or larger dogs, one is for smaller or more passive pups, and the third is left open as they rotate frequently, keeping the areas clean and the smells limited! If families are traveling with human and fur children, they may want to take their park adventures to McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, where a carousel, railroad museum, and a small train that takes people and their smaller pups around the park will provide a ton of fun!

Finish off your day with an authentic taste of the Southwest by visiting Loco Patron at 4228 N. Scottsdale Road, with a patio meal that will remind you why you are loving your adventures in Scottsdale! Offering everything from burritos to guacamole, every bite you take will take you further from your food comfort zone and lead you deeper into a world of heat, spice, and deliciousness!

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