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Scottsdale is a city of contrasts. The sleek sophistication of charming boutiques and epicurean restaurants that make all the best lists blends in with the naturally rugged beauty of the desert guarded by the mountains, adding in a touch of the wild in the hearts of our residents and in the creatures with which we share our desert home! Nowhere else in the world can visitors experience scorching temperatures, chaotic thunderstorms, and the occasional snow-covered mountains all in the same town, and we at I Love Scottsdale wouldn’t change a thing! We feed our cultured side with theater performances in buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright himself, and we stay wild as we explore the natural side of desert life. Your stay in our I Love Scottsdale beautiful sanctuaries will offer that same dichotomy, the blending of raw nature and sophisticated comforts, and this guide to Scottsdale wildlife watching will help you experience the best of the West’s Most Western Town!

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, 27026 N 156th Street

Rescuing the animals that are injured and sick is the main mission of the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, and once they have performed that miracle, they also try their best to return the rehabilitated animals to their native habitat. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible, and for a variety of reasons, many of the animals will be given a place to live the rest of what we all hope will be long and rewarding lives! Run entirely off donations, this worthy establishment hosts native creatures, including javelina, mountain lions, and tortoises, but they occasionally have to step outside their comfort zones and take in animals that are being illegally trafficked, including baby Bengal tigers, baby alligators, and even baby snapping turtles that one man was trying to sell. Only open to the public through pre-booked tours, the cost of the tours go a long way in helping them to continue their work, and the joy you will find as you take part in walking tours with the animals, full moon tours, and their much loved Southwest Wildlife Day that takes place on certain Saturdays (you can find which Saturdays, when you make your reservations online) will be endless.

OdySea Aquarium, 9500 East Vía de Ventura Suite A-100

If you are thinking it is a little strange to offer an aquarium in the desert, we are about to show you how right it is! The OdySea Aquarium provides a touch of the tropics in our desert world, and as you walk through the rooms, each offering more glimpses into the world under the sea, you will soon forget any hesitations you may have originally felt. From the Otter Banks to Penguin Point and the Aqua Lobby to the Bizarre & Beautiful, each display brings you deeper into the world that is often considered the true final frontier. Did you know that less than 10% of the world’s oceans have been explored? OdySea provides a peek into that world, offering more as we learn more, and this family friendly experience promises to be the highlight of your Scottsdale getaway!

Ride the escalator under the sea, watching its denizens swim all around you, explore the colorful beauty of clownfish in their own exhibit, and let the sea cast a spell on you as the theater seats you are sitting in slowly move around each watery habitat. After, if you really want to delight the kiddos, Butterfly Wonderland is in the same complex, and you can enjoy the delicate beauty of the butterflies flitting around in their own specially designed habitat while wildlife watching in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Wildlife Watching at the Phoenix Zoo, 455 N Galvin Parkway

Take a step outside the borders of Scottsdale and into the wonderful world of the Phoenix Zoo, one of the largest non-profit zoos in the nation. Offering over 3000 animals who reside in habitats that resemble where they would live in nature, spending a day at the Phoenix Zoo is home to lions, tigers, and bears as well as domestic farm animals, otters, and a host of animals that are native to the desert! Admire the delicate beauty of the pink flamingoes that get their color from the shrimp that is a vital part of their diet, laugh at the antics of the orangutans, and get more than a little freaked out when you go through the insect exhibit featuring scorpions, black widows, and other native and venomous creatures of the desert!

What Can You See from the Backyard of Your I Love Scottsdale Haven of Peace and Beauty?

Depending on where the home you rent is located, you might even catch sight of roadrunners and coyotes, javelinas and bobcats, and even the occasional snake, bat, or bighorn sheep—none of which will interfere with the safety and comfort you find in our beautiful escapes, so be sure to contact us and rent your favorite one today!