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As you might expect from a town in the desert, there is also a lot you can do inside in Scottsdale. Nature is beautiful, but hot is hot and there are no complications involved with our love affair with air conditioning! I Love Scottsdale properties are not just luxurious and comfortable, they are all air conditioned, so if you are a summer visitor, or if we are experiencing a day with higher temperatures than you are used to, you will stay cool as you start each morning and end each day. These Scottsdale indoor activities will ensure the coolness continues wherever you go.

Wonderspaces Arizona, 7014 E Camelback Road #584

Wonderspaces, located inside Scottsdale Fashion Mall, offers a unique way to immerse yourself in the beauty of art. Offering larger than life-sized exhibits, each air-conditioned room you explore has something new and exciting to enjoy, including interactive exhibits similar to the ones you love to play with at a Children’s Museum. (Only more adult and sophisticated!) Ever changing and featuring a full bar, this elegant indoor entertainment option is guaranteed to please.

Old Adobe Mission, 3817 N Brown Avenue

Scottsdale is a culturally vibrant town, offering live theater, top notch museums and art galleries, and the Old Adobe Mission, a historic landmark that represents the early days of our town. Built in 1930 and constructed of 50-pound adobe bricks that were hand laid in place, its hauntingly beautiful stained-glass displays were recycled from the St. Augustine Cathedral in Tucson. Lovingly and precisely restored in 2002, tours are offered daily, allowing guests to rejoice in the peace and serenity of Scottsdale’s first Catholic Parish.

Octane Raceway, 9119 E Talking Stick Way

Our next pick for one of the best indoor activities in Scottsdale is a little different than what you may normally expect from your Scottsdale getaway, but the Octane Raceway may just end up being your favorite adventure! An indoor go kart track that stays cool year-round, it is open every day of the year allowing visitors to live the high-speed life whenever they want! (And ensuring that you can squeeze a round or two into the empty spaces on your vacation itinerary!) Also offering food and drink, this spot can also be a good one for star searches as many athletes and race car drivers love to drive fast here as well!

Come Home to I Love Scottsdale

Your exploration of indoor activities in Scottsdale will be happy ones when you choose one of our Scottsdale escapes for your vacation accommodations. If you’re coming this way for the Spring Training, enjoy our unique Scottsdale spring training rentals for an incredible experience. Reserve your favorite today!